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Why I Love Kevin Smith Movies

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the first person to tell me Kevin Smith The movie isn’t particularly good, and Kevin Smith is probably the only one who seems made for himself. After a string of films that didn’t seem to do well with critics or at the box office, Smith began to focus on his interests and fan base.Starting with his 2010 movie red state, he frequently releases movies on a roadshow model, where he brings the film to your town and screens it with a post-movie Q&A. He’s kind of brought a Generation X-themed circus to town and is currently on tour for his latest movie. Clerk Ⅲ, in this exact form.When you’re surrounded by so many people laughing and excited to have a good time, it’s hard not to get lost in the moment. rocky horror show.

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That event experience is just one of the many reasons why his films are so meaningful to people, and despite the small scale of his films and releases, he remains a popular director. increase. Smith himself is a very hearty and emotional man and can be seen in many of his media posts on his YouTube and social media crying while watching various movies. At this point, that intense and open emotion is part of his brand his image that leaks into his films. This emotional openness is also integral to his films about some sort of existential crisis. That’s why his movies are so beloved, and why roadshow his release his model is so strong. His films aren’t just Wilde’s comedy and gonzo horror, they’re a celebration of living in the moment. It’s about finding unconventional ways for them to feel happy and fulfilled in an increasingly difficult world.

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Kevin Smith is a trendsetter

Smith’s filmography has very distinct and distinct “eras”. The first of which followed from his first film, Clerkto Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackFor the most part, all of these films take place in the three New Jersey counties Smith grew up in. Different genres, but they all have similar vibes.movies like fight back When dogma Taking place in a crazier world, they’re like live-action Saturday Morning cartoons, complete with catchphrases and animal sidekick Snoogan. in the meantime, Clerk When chasing amy It feels like it’s happening in the real world. The story feels like a series of vlogs and podcasts of characters from these movies. About a decade before these movies came out, Smith became something of a trendsetter. Clerk is basically a filmed podcast and now most podcasts sound like Clerk that too.

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But in both cases, the character never stopped fleshing out. The way Smith writes dialogue is always very peculiar.that is Aaron Sorkin It’s very verbose and very clear, creating a sense of how it should sound when you’re talking to people.this conflicts Judd Apatow, makes a similar kind of film to Smith’s, but with a larger budget and much of the dialogue is improvised from famous comedians. The biggest difference between these two approaches is the fantasy world Smith presents So while most people say exactly the right thing, or at least the funniest thing, Apatow’s approach comes close to reminding an audience of how normal people talk. . everyday life. This Sorkin-esque dialogue from Smith not only incorporates a fantasy element of how we sounded as we spoke, but it also easily triggers emotional truths.

All of Smith’s dialogue is so direct and precise that it lends credibility to when his characters actually enter drama territory. Smith always leans towards comedy and laughter at first, but when it comes to serious things, he displays an equal amount of passion and sophistication.

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the next era of his films jersey girl To cup out, he sought to imbue his larger-budget studio films with a sense of humor and emotional rawness.but by then cup out When released in 2009, it became clear that even though these films were still pretty funny and heartfelt, they didn’t have the same magic as his previous work. , ended when he found a new passion in podcasting and found a way to combine the two.

while making Clerk Ⅱ In 2006, Smith stumbled upon the podcasting format and immediately fell in love with it, taking up podcasting with his friend and producer. Scott Mosierand later served as director of Illumination grinchThey named the show Smodcast. It’s a combination of the first letter of his last name and the word podcast, and in just a few short years, the show has grown into an entire network of shows featuring Kevin Smith and hordes of his famous friends. They have different themes and hosts, but at the bottom line, they’re all just friends laughing and telling stories together.

What started as a side project eventually became the driving force behind his film career.from red state all the way to his NFT film kilroy was here, Smith turned his podcast fantasies into full movies. Especially his midnight movie fanglifted directly from a conversation on his own podcast that played in the film’s credits.

as you see Justin Long tortured by a walrus suit through the events of fang, it may seem as if Smith left all his heart and feelings at home. But it’s metatextually still present in all of his horror-inspired films from this era. It comes from a creative place where it would be fun to put it on the screen. The enjoyment of the movie and the sincerity of the people who made it have given rise to the reaction of “I did it!”. They were the types of movies that people would talk to their friends about wanting to make, and Smith took them seriously and made them.

Kevin Smith is back!

His film smod era reinvigorated Smith’s love of filmmaking with some truly bizarre and wonderful entries in his filmography, but after a heart attack in 2018, he shifted to a different tone. He returned to comedy and created a party-like atmosphere in his films.A heart attack after his first movie jay and silent bob rebootStill, that movie took time to ruminate on fatherhood, with hints of middle-aged drama. was. The heart was still there, hidden beneath all the cameos and pop culture jokes, making it a very nice return to form for Smith.

Through all of these different eras, Smith has not only grown a devoted fanbase, but also maintained it. And it’s pretty impressive that the fans are still loyal. There’s a common criticism that Smith is only making films for himself and his niche fanbase, but isn’t that true of all filmmakers? , ignoring the fact that Smith’s fanbase is growing all the time.

On a meta level, Smith’s film encourages people to create their own art. He makes very small, low-budget films that are put together based on his own passion. He makes films with friends and family who have been by his side over the years. He makes films for those who grew up with him and those who discovered him along the way. His dialogue sparks our imagination and we wish it sounded as eloquent as his character, but his films remind us that it can be done. Subtextually they tell us that we can be smart and creative as long as we are passionate. That’s the real charm of Kevin Smith’s films. They give other artists and fans a warm hug and remind them that anything is possible.