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What does Trey Lance's injury mean for his NFL future?

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Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and Senior Writer Frank Schwab discussed the serious ankle injury of San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance, who will miss the remainder of the 2022 season. .

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Frank Schwab: How far will this set back Trey Lance’s career?

Charles Robinson: That’s a big deal.

Frank Schwab: No year 1 or 2, except for last week’s Monsoon game. Two whole years gone, and in the third year we know nothing about him. What Jimmy does for the rest of the season, who knows, who knows, I mean, it really took Dak a year to get back in shape after suffering a nasty injury to his leg. They didn’t call many runs the first year he came back. Should they do the same as Trey Lance? Are they going to trust him to even start? There are so many complicating factors here. I feel bad for the kid because he’s an exciting player.

Fun player. I thought he was going to have a big season, but now it’s all gone. It won’t work.

Charles Robinson: The thing is, he played one game in college in 2020, right? Then he played very sparingly in 2021, basically–

Frank Schwab: two starts.

Charles Robinson: –it was– two starts. Two starts, but it was a scratch season. I think we can agree that they wanted him to win the job, as we do, but he hasn’t. Anyway, it’s not the meaningful football he wanted 2022 is another year with little meaningful football and more injuries.

Frank Schwab: And hurt, yeah.

Charles Robinson: So yeah, you have three years he played–

Frank Schwab: Did you practice at least last year? So he-

Charles Robinson: It’s True. This is worse.

Frank Schwab: I mean, I know how injured players look. The injured person is just out of sight and out of his mind. you are not really involved in anything. It’s like you’re just floating. I mean, he doesn’t even understand – really – this is true. It wasn’t a lost season like last year. Like an injury, with all the rehab that comes with it, I think I just lost this year. Just shuffle and get lost. Because these guys have to go through the season. Like you said, I mean, that’s a great point.

This guy has basically played four soccer games since the start of COVID. I mean, it’s been a long time since Trey Lance played a lot of football. And we come in next year, and I have no idea who he is as a player, who he is or where he’s going. sad. It really stinks for him.

Charles Robinson: I have no idea what will ultimately happen to this man. And I wrote about him, and what I ended up writing was from a more Jimmy Garoppolo point of view. As soon as I said it, I realized how unfair it was, so I let this sentiment down. But when Jimmy stepped in and was brutally honest about what he thought when he watched the rest of that game, the 49ers beat the Seahawks 27-7, by the way.

When I saw Jimmy in that game, I saw the consistency, I wouldn’t say it was lingering, but there was a creeping sense that this team had gotten better, and it sucked. I don’t mean that in a callous or hateful way. And I know it will be like that.

What I mean is, from a consistency standpoint, someone we know played a lot of high-level football, went to the Super Bowl, captained a team, was a paid player, Veterans have gathered, and by the way, it’s clear the 49ers are slightly above average in quarterback play in 2022, but the 49ers felt a little better with Jimmy Garoppolo back in the role. rice field.

But the reason I withdrew it was because it wasn’t entirely fair to Trey Lance.The course of the season. And from September to January he could have made great strides. I noticed. He didn’t get the chance.

So I’m not sure that the 49ers necessarily became a better team just because they regained some consistency from Jimmy Garoppolo.