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Tyreek Hill trade returns Tua Tagovailoa and Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins gave up a lot for Tyreek Hill.

Miami traded five draft picks to the Kansas City Chiefs for Hill.The Dolphins then signed Hill to a four-year, $120 million contract. It was one of his biggest moves of the NFL offseason.

That’s what the Dolphins did. They make big offseason headlines and are rarely rewarded with a playoff victory. But while the Hill trade was expensive, it was exactly what the Dolphins needed. They needed it to understand their relationship with Tua Tagovailoa.

The Tagovailoa-Hill combo works pretty well. The Dolphins had one of his best wins in years on Sunday, as he beat the Baltimore Ravens 42-38 and he came back from 21 points behind. Tagovailoa had his best NFL game throwing 6 touchdown passes.

Credit to Tagovailoa, but also to the Dolphins front office for figuring out how Hill would transform the entire Miami offense.

Hill gained 190 yards on 11 catches, including two long touchdowns on his comeback. He has the unique ability to make defense look slow, and teams have to consider his world-class speed on every play, which opens up a lot of potential elsewhere on the field. , which is why Jalen Waddle tallied his 171 yards and his two touchdowns.

Hill’s presence is also the main reason why Tagovailoa may have a fresh start in his career.

Tagovailoa was criticized, not all of it was fair. He only played his two seasons in the NFL, but is still recovering from a severe hip injury sustained in his final season in Alabama. It wasn’t his fault that he was drafted before Justin Herbert, to whom he’s always compared. He needed Hill and a coaching staff who believed in him. The owners also did not fully believe Tagovailoa, given that Stephen Ross received his $1.5 million fine and suspension Tom he tampered with Brady.

The Dolphins acquired Hill and hired offensive guru Mike McDaniel as their new head coach. Hill changed everything in Miami. He is one of those rare individuals, other than quarterbacks, who has such influence. The Dolphins don’t always hit high-profile moves. But Hill’s trade looks perfect for now.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, 10, gestures to run for a touchdown in the comeback win over the Ravens. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Here are the rest of the winners and losers of Week 2 of the NFL season.


denver broncosa little: The Broncos won, but another week of Nathaniel Hackett criticism will come.

The Broncos’ rookie head coach made the unpopular decision to attempt a 64-yard field goal in the season opener, and Sunday was another string of sloppy errors. Sometimes I wasted timeouts because the returners weren’t in the deep or something. I had a strange play call. The attack was no good.

The Broncos won 16-9. This is a good thing because Hackett’s fever is ridiculous if Denver loses at home. But the Broncos need to get better, and they’re in a hurry.

Jimmy Garoppolo: This wasn’t how Garoppolo hoped to regain the starting quarterback job for the San Francisco 49ers when Trey Lance suffered a season-ending ankle injury.

But he seized his chance on Sunday. Garoppolo came in for Lance and completed 13 of 21 passes for 154 yards and a touchdown, adding a rushing touchdown in a 27–7 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

It was a performance like Garoppolo. He wasn’t flashy, but he was solid and the 49ers won. San Francisco didn’t know what Lance had.The quarterback controversy likely followed the Niners all season. And they know they can win the game with him.

Joe Flacco and jet: The New York Jets had a bad week 1 and were tied 30-17 with less than two minutes left on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

And the Jets managed to win.

Starting in place of an injured Zach Wilson, Flacco threw a 66-yard touchdown to Corey Davis to give the Jets hope. But Browns receiver Amari Cooper mishandled a nice spin-on sidekick, and the Jets recovered. It was capped by a touchdown. The Jets then picked off Jacoby Brissett and the Jets escaped with a 31-30 win.

Flacco has had a great career, but he’s in the backup phase. He showed Sunday that he can still have big moments. His act of magic was huge in helping the Jets gain momentum early this season.

Buccaneers Defense: Although Tampa has good reasons, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense hasn’t done much this season. Some key players are missing, including several linemen and receiver Chris Godwin.

Defense looks good.

A week after holding off the Dallas Cowboys, the Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints, 20-10. The score was 3-3 for him going into the 4th quarter. The defense held the Bucks until Tom Brady hit a 28-yard touchdown pass to Breshad Perriman to give Tampa Bay a 10–3 lead. A Mike Edwards pick 6 off Jameis Winston cleaned up the game. Then, just to make the stat sheet look better, the Saints made a pointless touchdown. The Bucks made Winston his third pick.

The Tampa Bay offense will be healthier and better. We can already see that the defense will be more than enough this season.

Trevor Lawrence: Maybe Lawrence needs to play with the Indianapolis Colts every week.

Lawrence had two great games in the NFL, both against the Colts. When the Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars last met before Sunday, he was very good. Lawrence, who was even in the Week 1 loss, played great again Sunday against the Colts. He was 14 of 17 for 137 yards, a touchdown, and a passer rating of 119.9 as the Jaguars took a 17–0 lead at halftime.

The Jaguars won 24–0 against a team of Colts without receiver Michael Pittman Jr. and linebacker Shaquille Leonard. Winning is very important, but it was even nicer to see Lawrence looking like a top-end quarterback.


hunter renfro And the Raiders: Renfrow is a great player, but his overtime at the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday was rough.

Renfro failed twice in overtime against the Arizona Cardinals. The first fumble was recovered by the Raiders. Renfrow wasn’t so lucky his second time around.

Renfro was hit hard by linebacker Isaiah Simmons after a short catch and spat the ball. Byron Murphy Jr. scooped it up and returned it 59 yards for a touchdown and a 29–23 win.

A loss is bad for the Raiders. They led 20-0 at halftime. In the rough AFC West, he has failed to drop winnable games and is now 0-2.

Sunday’s loss ended in a tie as they led 23-7 going into the fourth quarter and had multiple chances to stop the Cardinals on their final drive in regulation. They will regret their loss on Sunday for a while.

The Bengals battling Super Bowl hangovers: The Cincinnati Bengals are 0-2 behind to start the season.

They lost two games as pretty important betting favorites. They lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week when they were minus five in turnovers. The offense didn’t move in Week 2 and he lost 20-17 to the Dallas Cowboys in the final play.

The Bengals had a chance to beat a Cowboys team led by replacement quarterback Cooper Rush. They tied in the fourth quarter and forced a punt. But Joe Burrow and the offense went three-and-out, punted from deep within the Bengals’ own territory, and Rush completed several passes to set up the game-winning field goal.

Going 3-1 sums up the Bengals’ start to the season.

Teams that lose the Super Bowl often struggle the following season. The Bengals looked like a good candidate to step back after a close game last season. Not moving the ball in one match is a way of demotivating them to win the AFC title.

los angeles rams: The Rams won Sunday, of course, and that’s the most important thing, but it’s hard to feel good about them after two games.

The Rams lost their season opener to the Buffalo Bills and were in danger of blowing a 28-3 lead to the Atlanta Falcons team. After a Cooper Cup fumble, the Falcons trailed the ball to him 31-25, but Jaren Ramsey made a spectacular interception to turn back the comeback attempt. That’s good news.

However, the Rams weren’t the team that won the Super Bowl last season. It takes a lot of time to improve and they played enough early on that he took a 25-point lead, but no one is impressed with the Rams’ start. At least when they figure things out, they’re 1-1, not explaining how he blew a 28-3 lead and lost to the Falcons.

Carson Wentz: The thing about Wentz isn’t that he’s bad every week. I mean he’s sick at times and you don’t know which Wentz is going to show up from week to week.

Wentz has been bad this week, at least in the first half. Very bad. He threw four touchdowns last week, giving Washington Commanders fans hope that the questionable deal the franchise made to acquire Wentz would pay off. It was bad against the Detroit Lions defense that gave the Eagles 38 points.

At halftime, Wentz was 16-9 with 59 passing yards and the Commanders were losing 22-0 to Detroit. Wentz heated up in the second half and got his team back in the game, but that poor start was a big reason for his 36–27 loss.

Wentz will have better days. When bad days come, it can be hard to remember them.

Steelers attack Mitchell Trubisky: There were reports that Mike Tomlin’s plan is to not start rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett this season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers pulled off a spectacular win over the Cincinnati Bengals last week, but they barely escaped in overtime despite their plus-five turnover advantage. There was no escape on Sunday. The New England Patriots defeated the Steelers 17-14 in what turned out to be an ugly game for the Pittsburgh offense. The Steelers had 243 yards. Trubisky gained 168 yards on his 33 attempts. Pittsburgh rarely did anything positive when they had the ball.

Trubisky isn’t all the fault for the Steelers’ offensive problems, but he’s the one in the spotlight, with a first-round draft pick on the bench behind him. Pittsburgh will play with the Browns on Thursday night, and Tomlin has some questions about whether he’s ready to change his mind about Pickett if Trubisky doesn’t play well again.

Matt Rule: After leading the Carolina Panthers to a 5-12 record last season, Ruhr barely kept up the work. He was on his 5-11 record in the previous season.

Rhule is currently 0-2 and can’t feel too comfortable. The Panthers, who lost the Panthers late last week on a long-field goal by the Browns, lost him 19-16 in Sunday’s rough game against the New York Giants. The offense was not very effective, with Baker Mayfield throwing just 145 yards.

Rhule has a seven-year, $62 million deal. It might buy him a little more time. But team his owner David his tepper is not very patient and has enough money to buy up the mistakes and move on.