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This fitness enthusiast gets his energy from people

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Former Congress leader Aman Arora, 48, comes from a political family. His father Bhagwan Das Arora was a Sunam Congress legislator in 1992 and 1997. Dean Arora had also served as a minister in 1992 when SAD boycotted the elections. He died in 2000, paving the way for the son’s rise in politics. At the time, Aman Arora was only 27 years old. However, it was no easy task for Arora, who unsuccessfully contested a ticket to Congress in 2007 and 2012.

Once considered very close to Captain Amarinder Singh, Aman Arora left Congress and joined the AAP in 2016 ahead of the 2017 Punjab Assembly elections. He says he was impressed with the ideology and dedication of AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal to bring about change in the political system.

In 2017, Arora won Sunam beating then-Congress’s Daman Thind Bajwa by a margin of 30,307 votes. Bajwa is now in the BJP.

In 2017, Arora’s assets were around Rs 65.88 crore, while liabilities stood at around Rs 15 crore. In 2022, its assets increased to Rs 95.12 crore, while liabilities remained at Rs 20 crore. Arora led the AAP’s election campaign committee in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls in which Bhagwant Mann won Sangrur’s seat. However, in Sangrur’s recent parliamentary by-election, his constituency could give the AAP a lead of just 1,400 votes.

A day in the life: A two-time MP, Arora was inducted into the Cabinet in July, when the government was in expansion mode, not in March, immediately after the party came to power. As a Cabinet Minister, he comes to his constituency on weekends as he works in his office in Chandigarh, visits various parts of the state and has other responsibilities as well.

He says, “My office in Sunam has been running for a long time now and people visit it for their daily work. There is a staff of around 13-14 in this office always available to the masses 24×7. However, people meet me on weekends in Sunam. I am the same Aam Aadmi as before.

He runs a charity hospital in Sunam where people come to receive services at subsidized rates. He says, “I learned social service from my father, I’m just carrying on his legacy.”

Work done: He says he was able to streamline the ongoing development work. He has bought fire tenders for Sunam and multicrore projects are on the way.

Work in progress

A stadium is set to see the light of day at ITI Sunam, along with a walking path and two new bus stops at a cost of 23 crore. Other projects include a new sub-tehsil complex in Cheema town and a new stadium in Longowal. He says CM has approved construction of 19 minor roads and 13-14 major roads in the constituency, few bridges will also be built. “All these projects will change the silhouette of the constituency. In addition to this, sewer widening works are underway to relieve the urban area.

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“In the area of ​​urban housing development, which is my ministerial portfolio, unauthorized settlements will now be a thing of the past in Punjab. Legal settlements will be promoted. We are working on a complete overhaul of the urban plan.”

Challenges: We came to power with the support of the masses and therefore find no challenges.

Controversies (if any): A graduate of UP, Arora was appointed co-organizer of AAP, Punjab unit, in May 2017, but he resigned from this position in March 2019 when Kejriwal apologized to of SAD leader Bikramjeet Singh Majithia in a libel suit.