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The Falcons have a sleeping giant on their offense

The Falcons aren’t likely to be a good team overall this year. But I’m sure their offense is a very interesting unit and could potentially give us at least three fantasy starters each week. .

Arthur Smith has a strangely picky relationship with the media But I think he did a successful placement in week one.

Kyle Pitts He lined up wide on just 25.7% of his route. I know everyone has strong opinions about how good a legitimate X receiver Pitts is, but he’s a tight end. I want him to run routes against linebackers and safety. There is a real mismatch there.

I fully believe Pitt was used very extensively last year out of necessity as the Falcons lost a legitimate outside receiver option. I have my own agenda hereAnyway, more actual Using a tight end is good for his fantasy outlook.

Pitts made more pass blocks (20% of pass snaps) than he should have in Week 1, but remains a fixture in the pass game. He sucked up his 33% of his yards on the team’s air. He will have a monster game soon.

drake london This is why the Falcons won’t have to take the outside receiver job with Pitts this year. It looked like

London was widely lined on 90.6% of the routes. He can win as a legitimate external X receiver. He handled his 31% of his yardage on the team’s air, and the result was solid as well, with five catches for him for 74 yards. London is one of my favorite purchases of his right now, and I think as his rookie year progresses, he’s regularly on his way to top 20 receiver production. he’s a really good player

Drake London could emerge as a credible fantasy choice. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Funnel Target Tree between Pitts and London is exactly what we signed up for in Atlanta. Marcus Mariota Obviously not a long-term answer, but you can feed these guys below and rack up the catch.

Finally, it’s clear that 2021 was no fluke, and Arthur Smith clearly understands how best to deploy. Cordarrell Patterson. He was great the first week.

He was right up there with the league leader in running back touches, scoring first downs with 45.5% of his rushes. The Falcons have been punished as a rushing team, and the Saints have historically been a tough outing for running backs.

It would probably be best for another back on this roster to step up and stay fit and take some of the grinder carry away from Patterson to keep him fresh. looks good, and as long as the Falcons offense lasts, he’ll be one of the lowest-ranked players this Fantasy Draft season.

A ray of hope for cowboys?

I wanted to share this cooper rush We left for Dallas last year and all the air didn’t leave the balloon.That being said, this ecosystem dramatically Worse than what the Cowboys rolled out last year.

Rush was still offensive when he took the field last Sunday, leading all quarterbacks in average pitch depth. So maybe we can move some aerial yards Sheedy Rams direction. To be clear, things are still pretty dark, but they’re worth noting.

Tua Tagovailoa had the lowest average depth of pitch (5.0) among QBs when under pressure in Week 1

Conversely, according to Pro Football Focus, he ranked among the top six in aDOT if he stayed clean.

This is important to note as the Dolphins are dealing with injuries on the offensive line.left tackle Terron Armstead Sunday and light tackle are suspicious Austin Jackson was posted in Short Term IR on Friday morning.

tyreek hill While it was the team’s biggest addition in the offseason, the improved offensive line was a big part of what made life easier for Tua in 2022. Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen the Tua transform as a passer when it gets hot. He also ranked last in his aDOT under pressure last year. He has a playmaker that works very well post-catch, but that’s just the upper end of this whole maneuver.

The Ravens played an easy matchup with an old friend Joe Flacco It was week 1 and they certainly turned their form around in terms of pass defense. Fantasy his manager with any level of interest in the Dolphins wouldn’t want to see them playing against Tua behind his line of compromised offense.

Top 5 teams for pace of play in any situation

1. Lions

2. Cowboy

3. Eagles

4. Texans

5. Panthers

The Panthers stand out on this list. Ben McAdoo’s offense traditionally plays fast and has a tempo. He brought that approach to a much-needed Carolina offense.

I didn’t like what I saw, baker mayfield Or we are happy to provide a temporary pass for the Week 1 pass game. Mayfield looked like a guy who hasn’t spent much time on this team. This makes sense.

The Panthers offense looks like what we want from a structural standpoint. I’m still confident in my optimistic forecast. Christian McCaffrey When DJ Moore.

Eagles rank 11th in neutral situation passing percentage

It looks more like an Eagles play call from early last year than a unit that finished the season in the basement in terms of passing attempts. Differences from: worked This time.

It helps you have transformative talents like AJ Brown.

If this sort of tactic continues in Philadelphia, it will have to fundamentally change the way we understand the offense and its players. Jalen Hurts It increases the number of bonkers and eventually has a trickle-down effect on other pass catchers on the roster.

Top 5 RBs in yards before contact per rush

1 – Leonard Fournette 3.24

2- Javonte Williams 3.14

3 – Dandre Swift 3.07

4 – Clyde Edwards Heller 2.86

5 – Cordarrell Patterson 2.82

Leonard Fournette The Bucs’ running game turned out to be looking good despite the high number of injuries on the offensive line. The veteran’s back looked determined and ran very well on Sunday. I have a belief Enough; Fournette is a good starting his back in the NFL. He’s an underdrafted player and deserves to be high in the rankings for the rest of the season (be sure to keep an eye on his status on Sunday as he’s reportedly dealing with a hamstring injury). ).

The Broncos have done a lot of work to ensure Javonte Williams Week 1 was in space both as a rusher and as a receiver. Russell Wilson In the offseason, everyone was (over)excited by their receiver corps, but the team that hit the field in Week 1 looked like a unit whose best player was the running back. It is highly likely that he will gain more production as a rusher in the future.

Top 5 players in yards after contact per rush

1 – Squon Berkeley 6.83

2 – Dandre Swift 6.53

3 – Miles Sanders 6

4 – Jalen Hurts 4.76

5 – Rashard Penny 4.67

Here are some thoughts.

squon barkley teeth return-return. He was a bit more of a boom/bustrunner than most people would like to admit back in their college days. Gained extra yards. If he gets that version of Barkley in 17 games, he could easily join the tier one of Fantasy his running back.

We’ve just skimmed the Eagles’ early passing game, and they’re dynamic on the ground, too. Miles Sanders While never going to be a consistent fantasy option, he does have the advantage of being a big runner coupled with good offense and a healthy Rush ecosystem.

you will notice Dandre Swift Included in both top 5 lists. love to see it.fantasy manager was annoyed Jamal Williams We sucked up the finish line work in week one. Williams does not disappear. More importantly, the Lions’ talented offensive his line is almost fully operational (although he’s had some injuries this week).

That wasn’t the case last year either. The high target totals from early last year probably won’t return to Swift this season. Amon La St. Brown Featured player. But it’s not a big deal if it’s quietly exciting as a rusher.

Top 5 RB in Route Run

1 – Darrell Henderson 39

2 – Joe Mixon 38

3 – Jonathan Taylor 34

4 – Aaron Jones 28

5 – Javonte Williams 28

Some of these players were boosted by game scripts and overtime in week one, but there was some clarity on their role assignments.

Darrell Henderson Already locked into the Rams’ pass job Kam Akers and now a rookie Killen Williams — Master of college pass protection — In IR, as long as he’s healthy, he should easily hold off that gig and perform better than Akers. Henderson is a top 15 fantasy buck until this rotation changes.

Joe Mixon Interesting here too. Some analysts were unhappy with him for his historical lack of involvement as a pass catcher. Still, he ran the route 58% of his way. Joe Burrow 17% of the team goal. If that receiving use is the new norm, he’ll push his finish among the top five running backs.

For the love of God, let’s hope we can meet more actual receive the use of Aaron Jones He tied the team lead on a route he ran with several receivers, but was not a featured piece in the target pecking order. would look like a huge round 2 reach.

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