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The Biggest Takeaways to Bring to the Next MLB Season

Fantasy Baseball managers have had too much to deal with over the past few years. His 60-game season in 2020 has been nearly impossible to navigate as in 2021. And this year, they tackled shortened spring training and entered the first trial of a 162-game season streak for the first time in a while. But we made it through. A regular in 2022, he is just days away from the end of the season. All fantasy sports have goal posts in constant motion, and baseball is no exception. Here are some notes on the biggest takeaways from the 2022 season and how these conclusions can be applied to his 2023 preparations.

more chaos ensues

Forgetting 40-save days and finding a reliever who can reach the 30-save plateau is a big win today. I’m snorting at the manager. Rather than get around this problem, some managers decided to use premium picks for the closers they considered top options. Josh Hader (major bust) and Liam Hendricks (a bit of a disappointment) were drafted among the top 50 picks. His next two typical Yahoo! Drafts were Aroldis Chapman and Razel Iglesias, who combined for 24 saves. Other names picked among the top 13 closers included Marc Melanson, Jake Magee, Giovanni Gallegos and Blake Treinen. I know hitting waver wires for saves is a frustrating errand, but it’s also a necessary part of a winning plan.

Best closers like Josh Hader have been a disappointment for Fantasy Baseball’s manager this season. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The catcher position is infuriating

Even in a league with only one catcher, managers have struggled all season to fill catchers. Adley Rutschman (11 HR, 33 RBI) and Cal Raleigh (.205 average) are the top 12 options. JT Realmuto is the only catcher among the top 65 players, and his high ranking is mainly due to his impressive steal total. A Yahoo draftsman’s best plan for 2023 is to try Realmuto or Will Smith. If you miss out, draft a catcher in the late rounds and stream that position until you find someone who can serve.

Rookies are worth the effort

For all the hype top prospects have received, they often let fantasy managers down. Ranked 30 options. On the pitching side, Spencer Strider ranks him 17th among starting pitchers so far. Enthusiasm is one of the things that makes this game great for him, and anyone looking to boost a talented prospect in the 2023 draft should consider his three major successes this season his story to the head. You can keep it in one corner.

the dodgers know everything

Simply put, the Dodgers are doing just about everything right now. Organizations have always paid big salaries, which is a big part of their success. But beyond acquiring star players, Los Angeles has figured out how to get great results from the fringe of its roster, especially its pitching staff. will have a first-round fantasy pick. Starters of the Year His group boasts the likes of Tyler Anderson, Tony Gonsolin, Andrew Heaney, Mitch White and Ryan, but has a 2.69 ERA and a 1.03 WHIP, so the manager won’t be making his 2023 debut. Almost anyone who tops the rotation of the year should be happy to get it. Peppiot made a total of 78 starts.

Injury optimism is not your friend

Those drafted close to the season opener of this year know that two of the first-round picks, Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Jacob deGrom, will miss a significant amount of time due to injuries. Tatis missed the final game due to suspension, but importantly for the fantasy manager, neither player made it in time for the timeline to return in June. DeGrom made his season debut on August 2nd, while Tatis would be back in mid-August at the earliest. Should a similar situation occur with high-end players in 2023, managers would be wise to add a few weeks to their projected return dates.

change never stops

Perhaps the biggest lesson learned this season is that the 2023 MLB rule changes will have a huge impact on how players are rated in fantasy leagues next year. The change in the number of times a pitcher can throw to first base, combined with the increased size of the bag, creates an environment for players to swipe the bases at higher velocities. Of course, the higher the amount of steal across the league, the lower the value of individual swipes. Additionally, regulations on where fielders can stand should help boost batting averages. This changes the standard that fantasy managers consider acceptable in that category from each player. There is none. Greater incentive to plan for base hits and second base steals reduces the tendency to sell out home runs, lowering totals for that category and making each round-tripper more valuable. And not everything I’ve just said applies only to hitters, as some pitchers are more adversely affected than others by the altered offensive strategy.

Don’t you get a headache soon? Don’t worry. It will take months to accept these changes. For now, sit back, relax, enjoy the final day of the regular season, and be proud of navigating the fantastic baseball landscape of 2022.