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The Autumn Leaves Festival promises fun jams and spectacular views.entertainment

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Marlborough — For fans of jam bands and the Grateful Dead, the Fall Foliage Festival is touted as a deeper appreciation of music and local scenery.

Rivers High Entertainment founder and festival organizer Zach Yakaitis sees it as a fun way for artists to perform together and enjoy the views from Hogback Mountain. “I am blessed to have such talented friends,” he said.

The festival takes place on October 1st and 2nd at the Beer Naked Brewery in Marlborough. Doors open at 12:30 PM on October 1, with day passes valid until 10:00 PM. Drum circles and acoustic jams. Participants will be served a complimentary breakfast the following morning. Join a morning yoga session, then take a guided hike through the woods with acoustic music.

Tickets are $50 for a day pass, $70 for a day pass plus yoga, and $115 for a VIP package that includes all activities. They are available for purchase at and at the door.

Yakaitis says he loves music and events. Before he moved to Vermont, he was with the Sofa Sounds in Boston.

“We had pop-up shows at completely different venues,” he said. We took these different spaces and transformed them and created a really cool event…the night.It was really intentional.People listen to music. I came to

Yakaitis said he also loves promoting his friends and helping people who are as passionate about music as he is. Rivers High Entertainment aims to do just that.

Having attended the Beer Naked Brewery for several years and seen the view from Hogback Mountain on a ski trip from Boston to Mount Snow, Yakaitis thought it would be the perfect place to host an event related to the fall foliage season. . He quit his sales job during his COVID-19 pandemic to pursue his music more thoroughly, eventually taking up gigs for his friends and himself at breweries. I came to He also enlisted help from his West River Provisions employer in Jamaica to purchase a PA system and develop a payment plan. They also booked him and a friend to perform in their summer music series.

Yakaitis became more involved in the local music scene when he acquired sound equipment. He played at the Be Well Homestead in Jamaica and brought friends from outside the area to play at local venues. Last year, he tried to organize an autumn leaves festival at Beer Naked, but it didn’t work out.

Meanwhile, Yakaitis joined forces with another Jamaican musician, Sky Alan, to form the Throwin’ Stones. They play the festival with a full band from 3pm to 5pm. They have performed at The New American Grill in Londonderry and The Pizza Stone VT in Chester.

Peruvian Austen Fairbanks, who goes by the DJ name of The Evernow, will kick off the festival and play between sets. Primo, the New England duo with Yakaitis’ brother and his cousin, is scheduled from 1:00 p.m. to his 3:00 p.m. His five-piece jam from New Paltz, NY His group, Kale, will perform at 5:30 p.m. Deadhead youth living in Jamaica. The last is “Super Jam” in which the members of each group appear. Terrence Kenning teaches a yoga class. A vendor is also set.

Rivers High Entertainment also has a concert series “Live from Jamaica Town Hall” in the works. On Tuesday, Yakaitis will perform with Fairbanks. On October 4th, Rachel Rodantz will be backing her band in full. The Throwin Stones will be playing on October 18th.