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The 10 Best Songs From Non-Disney Animated Movies

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Disney’s animated movies are known for their songs, but there are many non-Disney movies where songs are even more compelling. The songs in these movies are so moving that audiences will want to listen to them again and again. The music in these films shows that Disney isn’t the only company capable of producing great musical films.

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Many songs in non-Disney animated films can match or even surpass Disney in its heyday, but these are the few that stand out. touches the heartstrings of These songs are arguably the best in animation.

Ten “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” is a liberating tune

cats don’t dance

cats don’t dance A fun look at the world of show business through the eyes of animals. Sawyer and Danny are her two cats who want the spotlight, but their dreams are thwarted by a human girl, Darla Dimple, stealing the show.

However, at the end of the film, Darla finally makes a comeback, and Danny and Sawyer take the stage to dance and sing “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” heartily. As cats and all the other animals take the stage, Darla tries (and fails) to disrupt their performance. It’s a powerful, toe-tapping song that fans love.

9 “It’s Hard to Be a God” Ironically Describes Gods

Road to Eldorado

Road to Eldorado An adventure film about two swindlers who stumble upon a legendary city of gold. They originally intended to take some gold and run away, but the two were hailed as actual gods.

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Miguel and Tullio then attend a festival held in their honor, singing “It’s Hard to Be a God”. Throughout the song, the two men sarcastically sing about the “struggle” of being idolized. It’s a fun and colorful song that will make you dance away from your seat.

8 ‘Looking Through Your Eyes’ Shows Love Through Different Perspectives

Camelot Quest

Camelot Quest is the harrowing story of a young woman named Kaylee who wants to become a Knight of the Round Table in her father’s place. But her expected gender role and political coup stand in her way, forcing her to venture into the woods.

There she meets a blind man named Garrett who teaches her the importance of listening. The two fall in love and sing “Looking Through Your Eyes,” a ballad about how they see the world differently. It’s a heartwarming and romantic song that wows the audience.

7 “Far Longer Than Forever” is a passionate confession of love

swan princess

“Far Longer Than Forever” is a passionate song. swan princessThe song is a duet in which Princess Odette and Prince Derek profess how much they will continue to love each other.

The song is a lovely yet heartbreaking ballad in which the two main characters are separated but still long for each other. The earnest appearance of the two confessing their painful love is sweet and powerful. Every note of this wonderful song brings romance to the heart of the audience.

6 “A Spark Inside Us” is an anthem of courage

princess and goblin

The only way to keep the so many evil creatures lurking in the dark forest in check is to sing in the movies. princess and goblinLuckily, Curdie’s dad taught him courage and powerful songs to keep the creatures at bay.

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“A Spark Inside Us” is a triumphant song about the power within everyone. The powerful, heartfelt melody not only scares goblins, but also infuses the singer with much-needed confidence. It’s the best song to sing with all your might.

Five ‘Remains Of The Day’ shows how fun the afterlife can be

corpse bride

“Remains of the Day” is a dark and fun song from a ghost story. corpse brideThe song’s jazzy rhythm gets the audience in the mood to dance, and the lyrics tell the fate of the bride of honor.

It’s a song that weaves a tragic story, but it’s so catchy that fans can’t help but sing it. No one will take a seat even if they hear the story oflovely corpse bride rejoicing.”

Four “I’ll be your wings” is a romantic promise


Thumbelina is the story of a little young woman who dreams of finding someone like herself. Her dream comes true when a handsome fairy prince arrives at her windowsill. The two are instantly attracted to each other, but since Thumbelina has no wings, she is unable to leave with him. Then Prince Cornelius sings the uplifting song “Let Me Be Your Wings.”

The song is romantic and touching. Through the lyrics, Cornelius declares that he will stand by Thumbelina no matter what. The song is used as a theme throughout the film, constantly bringing back Cornelius’ promises – even if the two have been apart for some time.

3 ‘Once Upon a December’ evokes unforgettable memories


“Once Upon a December” is a beautiful and haunting song sung by Anya (Anastasia) as she walks through the ruins of the royal palace. Anya describes the image that came to her mind as she sang, as she felt she had seen the place before. Anastasia.

“Once Upon a December” is a ghostly song that speaks to the life that once filled the palace. Her memory that Anya sees is faint and invisible to her eyes. This feeling is beautifully captured in the song. This is her one of the best musical numbers in any anime show.

2 “Save us” is a desperate plea

egyptian prince

egyptian prince It is a biblical story of the story of Moses animated. The entire film is a sweeping epic that begins with the pleading song “Deliver Us.”

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The song serves not only as an explanatory power to the audience, but also as a cry for help from the enslaved Israelites. The music is driving and heartbreaking as it shows their plight. Additionally, the song becomes even more heartbreaking when Moses’ mother appears solo.

1 “The Last Unicorn” is a beautiful opening

the last unicorn

“The Last Unicorn” is a fantastic opening to an animated feature, the last unicornThe wistful song accurately captures the loneliness and longing felt by the final unicorn. Especially after she discovers her love.

Many viewers today may not remember this iconic film, but it’s one that shouldn’t pass by, especially when it comes to this opening theme. The song is so captivating that it stays on audiences’ minds long after the movie ends. It’s a beautiful piece that reminds us of the pain and beauty of love and nature.

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