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Shaun of the Dead is better at scaring us than traditional horror movies

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Shaun of the Dead is a 2003 horror-comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, starring Simon Pegg When Nick FrostIt is the first in the Cornet trilogy and is widely regarded as one of the greatest horror comedies of all time. The film follows an unnamed 29-year-old Sean (Peg) who has a dead-end job and was recently dumped by her girlfriend (Kate Ashfield). He and his lazy best friend Ed (Frost) take refuge in a pub when faced with a zombie apocalypse, rallying a ragtag group of his family and friends in the hope that all will be blown to the ground. To do. To delve into the comedic strengths of this film is redundant at this point. This is one of the smartest, most dynamic, and extremely well written and acted entries into the subgenre. In short, it’s an insanely fun watch and a staple of the Halloween movie marathon. The actual effects are incredibly good, not necessarily jump scares or gore, but they make you feel empathy for characters put in terrifying situations.

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There are many topics and points of contention about zombie movies and their value, how zombies are not scary or overplayed. We live in Post-Call of Duty: Zombies, Position-the walking dead, Position-world war z worldAn incredibly capable human protagonist, the living dead have been relegated to the stagger’s target, the lowest tier of video game rogues’ gallery. Slow, unthinking, easily dispatched with a powerful blow to the head. This is why zombie movies crossover so easily into the realms of action and comedy. The real danger is other humans who treat the apocalypse as an excuse to make the world their playground, if it’s not for zombie numbers dominance.

But the numbers of them can be frighteningly overwhelming, and as much as we want them to be like the Ricks and Daryls of this world, we’re more likely to be Sean and Ed.

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“Shaun of the Dead’s horror comes from empathy”

real horror Shaun of the Dead It comes from a place of sympathy to see this group of ordinary people forced into a bizarre and terrifying situation, stuck in a pub surrounded by hordes of zombies. There are funny scenes where zombies are knocked down with billiard cues and rejected vinyl his records, but by the time they enter Winchester it becomes clear that zombies are overhead. They, like many of us, had no combat experience, were unprepared for natural or supernatural disaster situations, and were caught off guard by situations no one could have imagined.

Shaun of the Dead, is a dark movie because of the empathy we feel for the characters, until the very end when the military intervenes to prevent a full-blown Armageddon. Inappropriate choices fueled by All the characters know each other and have varying degrees of emotional baggage. Although there is always a strong reaction to people struggling to survive in horror movies and fighting off hordes of monsters before horribly giving in , Shaun of the Dead It’s quality over quantity. In the film, real-time is given to several human deaths, from the build-up of tension to their reaction to the loss, so the loss can really sink in for the audience. He was more than a victim, but a character with stories, relationships, and unresolved conflicts that others are left with.

Even the scariest scenes are the most touching

The scariest scene ever is when Sean has to make the toughest phone call after his own mother is bitten.Penelope Wilton) as a gentle person who loves unconditionally, Sean’s devotion to her is shown despite his difficulties with his stepfather (Bill Nighy). She’s the first person Sean comes to her rescue, but in the end he can’t save her from being bitten and has to do the worst thing her son can imagine. This is the kind of thing that scares you when you drive home from. Your mind comes to a thorny conundrum. Even if it’s between eating your brains, you don’t want to. It’s something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. It’s a boiling point of interpersonal conflict between people and a decision that will never be forgotten. At the beginning of the film, despite loving his mother, he hasn’t shown it in a while and is shown living with something that we all fear.

As a thought exercise, we all have plans for the zombie apocalypse. Where will you go, who will be part of your survival team, and what weapons can you use most efficiently? You might camp out in the wilderness or sit in the local pub and wait for everything to blow up, but as reality and the recent global emergency have shown, it’s not that simple. Learning basic survival skills like first aid is generally useful in life, but fighting hordes of the undead isn’t so easy. in a video game. Anyone reading this, and including the writers, would be totally useless in Sean and Ed’s shoes. Shaun of the Dead It’s a great movie because it didn’t make a complete joke out of the whole situation. The characters, script and cinematography are humorous, but the scenario is not. Z-Day ends quickly, but leaves a lot of destruction in its wake. The people are heroic, and each member of the cast has their bad moments, but at the end of the day, they’re all normal people, unprepared, and pretty incompetent.

That incompetence is not only laughable to us, but terrifying to think about.