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ROKOTE Laboratories Licenses CEVEC's CAP(R) Ad Technology for Vaccine Manufacturing

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  • ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd will use CEVEC’s CAP® Ad viral vector technology to manufacture therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines against COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases
  • By eliminating the risk of RCA contamination, CAP® Ad-derived viral vectors offer maximum safety, addressing one of the key challenges in vector-based vaccine production.

COLOGNE, GERMANY and HELSINKI and KUOPIO, FINLAND /ACCESSWIRE/ September 20, 2022 / CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH (CEVEC) and ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd today announced the signing of an agreement to use CEVEC’s proprietary CAP® Ad technology for the manufacture of vaccines in various indications.

Under the agreement, CEVEC has granted ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd non-exclusive rights to use the CAP® Ad platform for the manufacture of adenovirus-based vaccines for prophylactic and therapeutic use in infectious diseases such as COVID-19, influenza and RSV infections. In return, CEVEC is eligible to receive license fees, milestone payments and net sales royalties. Further financial details were not disclosed.

“We are very pleased that ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd is relying on CAP® advertising technology and we are proud to be able to contribute to the fight against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with technology that is making a real difference in the safety of vaccines,” said Dr. Nicole Faust, CEO of CEVEC. “The quality and safety of vaccines is crucial, as they are administered prophylactically. Our CAP® advertising technology ensures that the risk of potential adverse effects from contaminating adenovirus capable of replicating is as low as possible.

“Ease of scalability, high production yields and, most importantly, the elimination of the risk of RCA contamination were key reasons we chose CEVEC’s CAP® Ad technology for our high-volume production. scale of adenovirus vector-based vaccines,” said Dr. Erkko Ylösmäki, Director, Research and Development of ROKOTE Finland Laboratories . “This technology allows us to quickly address the global need for a safe and easy-to-administer COVID-19 intranasal vaccine that can not only prevent disease, but can also prevent vaccinated individuals from further transmitting SARS-CoV-2. virus.”

About CAP® Advertising Technology

CAP® Ad Technology is an innovative technology platform developed by CEVEC for the scalable production of RCA-free adenoviral vectors for gene therapy and vaccine applications.

Recombinant adenoviral vectors are among the most effective vectors for gene therapy purposes and have become the vehicle of choice in many human gene therapies. Today, many cell lines used for the production of adenoviral vectors have the inherent risk of generating certain levels of replication-competent adenovirus (RCA). The presence of ACR in preparations of adenoviral vectors intended for use in humans is increasingly considered as a potential risk, in particular for immunocompromised patients. The CAP® cell line is specifically designed to avoid the production of RCA.

CEVEC’s CAP® cell line is based on a human suspension cell line of non-tumor origin, derived from human amniocytes. CAP® cells can be grown in all bioreactor formats and sizes, providing a robust and fully scalable production platform for the manufacture of research-grade and small-quantity adenoviral vectors up to industrial scale. The CAP® cell line has been fully documented and has been positively reviewed by various regulatory authorities. Since 2016, a master file of biologics is available for reference from the US FDA and fully tested GMP cell banks are available for licensing.


CEVEC is a leading provider of high performance cell technology for the manufacture of advanced biotherapeutic products.

With the ELVECTA® Technology , CEVEC offers a unique solution for the large-scale production of AAV vectors using helper virus-free inducible producer cell lines with all necessary components stably integrated into the cell. The technology is cell-suspension based and does not require expensive transfection reagents or cGMP-grade plasmids. CEVEC’s CAP® advertising technology is the ideal platform for producing RCA-free adenoviral vectors. Based on human cells in suspension, it enables a robust manufacturing process, easy scaling up from research quality to industrial volumes and thus paves the way for various applications, from gene therapy to vaccine production. .

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About ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd

ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd is a Finnish vaccine development company established in 2020 and located in Helsinki and Kuopio. The company’s operations were founded on a competence-based research cooperation of the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland. In 2021, ROKOTE Laboratories Finland Ltd received funding of €9 million (Ferring Ventures SA, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Fund, Finnish Cultural Fund and Business Finland) for the development, manufacturing and implementation of the vaccine against FINCoVac coronavirus, as well as for the first and second phase of clinical trials.



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