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Packers use running game and defense to stay on track and beat Bears

Despite the opening loss, there was no real reason to worry about the Green Bay Packers. Especially considering the Chicago Bears are coming to town. They had to settle for what they do best.

The Packers’ preferred method this season is probably not Aaron Rodgers throwing it all over the place. And back-to-back NFL MVP winners, he plays when he needs to.

The Packers got off to a slow start, but the Bears were in trouble as Jones and Dillon began to slowly add yardage. The Packers didn’t do much in the second half, but he still managed a decisive 27-10 victory.

The Packers lost 23-7 to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1. It may have been a tough task for the Packers in the season opener, and the Vikings will prove to be much better than expected. rice field.

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones, 33, celebrates after catching an 8-yard touchdown pass against the Bears. (AP Photo/Molly Gash)

Packers dominate the first half

However, the Bears started fast by driving downfield after a Packers field goal. Justin Fields ran for the touchdown. With the Bears leading by his 7-3, the NBC booth was trying hard to convince everyone that the Bears had a shot at pulling off an upset.

The Packers took over the other half. The final four drives of the first half resulted in three touchdowns and a punt. It’s not just that the Packers beat the lower-ranked Bears his team. We took a look at how the Packers want to win this season.

Jones passed 100 yards early in the third quarter and finished with 132 yards. He scored his two goals. Dillon gained 61 yards on 18 runs. Not many teams want balance when they have a quarterback like Rodgers, but this is how Green Bay built its roster.

Rogers is still fantastic. He threw a touchdown to Allen Lazard to give the Packers a 24-7 lead just before halftime.Rogers was efficient, scoring 234 yards and his two touchdowns.

After half-time, the attack slowed. There were also embarrassing mistakes. It looked like a case of the Packers giving up after taking a big lead at halftime, and the Bears weren’t much of a threat to upset them.

Green Bay defense holds on to victory

The Packers’ defense didn’t have a good day against the Vikings last week, with Justin Jefferson free-running too often in the secondary.

The Green Bay defense has too much talent for the Packers to look bad this season. Once the Packers regained the lead, the defense began to move rapidly. Their pass rusher put good pressure on Fields. The Bears receiver was hit as soon as he caught the ball. Chicago scored on the first drive and gained 10 total yards on his next five drives.

The second half was a little more sloppy. A botched handoff to Dillon deep in Bears territory helped prevent the game from completely getting out of hand, with no safe lead in his NFL on Sunday and the Bears going into the fourth quarter. Temporarily made it interesting. They trailed 24-10 and drove to the Packers 1-yard line, but instead of sneaking Fields in line under center, they inexplicably called a quarterback run out of the shotgun formation. I was stopped in the short and the game was almost over.

The Packers will get a better test next week when they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.