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Opinion | New fans will have a hard time getting hooked on the new Marvel movie

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I have loved Marvel movies for most of my life, Ever since I started writing for The Pitt News 10 months ago, I’ve wanted to write about the MCU.I knew the series very well and could talk about it intersecting plot lines For too long, if I’m allowed. But fortunately for you, dear readers, I am only allowed a certain number of characters to express my opinion.

However, no matter how much I love Marvel movies, I can’t help but be disappointed by the movies and TV shows that have come out in recent years.

It may have been the pandemic that forced Marvel to take a year off from its theatrical release, or maybe it was because the film got too big for new and current fans to keep track of. From horribly bad CGI to boring one-sided characters, I think most Marvel fans would agree with the MCU’s design. The struggle was evident for some time.

Like the release of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, their highs are incredibly high and their lows are very low, leaving ‘The Eternals’ star-studded cast flat. Even if it is liked by the fans of misogynistic and racist viewers Join in and review bomb the ratings, upsetting misinterpreted numbers and fans who were enjoying the show. Marvel is a show about young Pakistani-American superheroes.

Marvel seized an opportunity in 2008 when it released the first “Iron Man” movie starring Robert Downey Jr. That her first movie was the spark that created her Marvel Cinematic Universe that most of us know and love. The franchise has spawned movie stars like Chris Hemsworth playing Thor, brought back successful actors like Paul Bettany playing Vision from the brink of unemployment, and Angela Bassett as Queen of Wakanda in “Black.” We continue to cast some very famous actors. Panther. “

And all their risks and decisions have paid off. The Marvel Universe was a huge success, 4 production of the top 10 highest-grossing films This includes ‘Avengers: Engame,’ which holds the second spot on the list with a lifetime gross of $2.8 billion..

One of the reasons these first-generation films were so successful was that anyone could watch them without prior knowledge and still enjoy them. Each film tied to each other in creative ways and all led to the big events of the ‘Avengers’ movies.

But now, in the second story, many viewers are lost. There are so many characters to follow, each with their own idiosyncratic and overlapping plotlines. , there’s a lot going on. Who’s supposed to track how?

As of July, before Disney+’s new “She-Hulk” series airs, 99 hours To watch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, or if you want to dig deeper, check out Netflix’s Defenders, Agents of SHIELD, and Agent Carter series. These series are somewhat unofficial, but thanks to the Multiverse. 258 time. That doesn’t even include Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s “Spider-Man” movies. And please, don’t even get to work on a Venom movie or the upcoming Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web movies in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

I’ll admit that Marvel is usually good at summing up everything that happens in their movies — ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’ are probably the best examples of that — but they don’t know the comics and still I worry about what new fans who haven’t read will be like. People who have seen the TV show react to the upcoming movie.

Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, had her own TV show called ‘WandaVision’ and essentially became a villain throughout the series. She was a villain fighting Strange.Those who didn’t watch the TV show might definitely be confused as the recap of the events in “WandaVision” was only brief.Anthony Mackie’s Falcon as Captain · The movie “Captain America: New World Order”, which takes on the mantle of America, will be released in a few years. ” TV program.

I’m also worried about the upcoming Avengers movie, Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Because they introduced Kang on the show “Loki”. These examples are only half of that. How is anyone supposed to keep the plot straight when there is so much going on and half of it is behind a paywall?

Marvel has moved away from making great action movies for everyone to see. Now, the MCU seems to have found reasons to make more content that will only make sense if you watch the sheer amount of content that precedes it.

I love Disney+ shows. It’s a controversial opinion, but I enjoy them and think they add a lot to the MCU. If you don’t have a subscription, more will likely be lost when the movie hits theaters.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to dominate its huge catalog and create simple content that everyone will love from the start.

Livia LaMarca primarily writes about American political discourse and pop culture.write a letter to her [email protected].