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No screen for VFX movies? - The New Indian Express

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Hyderabad: Advanced Visual Effects (VFX) has once again started a debate about the best multiplex screens between showing movies and movie lovers in the city! Every few years, Tollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood shoots high-end VFX movies with high-end cameras, curates and publishes with the best technology. However, none of the multiplex screen projectors in Hyderabad can stick out the desired VFX or resolution like the cinema. The director’s latest film, Ayan Mukerji Brahmastra, was meant to be seen in his 4k cinematic resolution and high frame rates that none of the projectors are capable of. What’s more, the relaunch of Avatar and Avatar 2, directed by James Cameron, has intensified the debate. We speak to multiplex owners, cinematographers and filmmakers about the demand for better screens.

“There are many brighter 4k, 8k and even 12k laser projectors on the international market under various brand names, but most of them are very expensive and require high maintenance, which is why most of India’s The screen uses a 2k projector,” says Mrithyunjai Sai, an assistant director who will be directing an upcoming Telugu feature film. “In India most of the recent films including many short films are shot on his 8k cameras but most of the multiplexes use old projection systems but the projection system is what the filmmakers want. cannot produce any output.”

AJ Araon, now a cinematographer working with Tollywood director Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam on his next project Keeda Cola, adds: Half of the original because most multiplex projectors don’t support it. None focused on resolutions or frame rates that are available…”

Cameras, graphics, and computer technology have improved a lot, according to cinematographers and filmmakers, but projector systems don’t work. “In 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar was shot in 4k resolution, but because there were no projectors to show 4k, it was played in 1080p. It’s ruining the experience.The content is important in the day, but for the overall experience, it deserves something better,” said Mohammed Hussain, VFX designer at Unlimit 3 studios in the city. .