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MintzTech Connect Industry News: Spotlight on radicle science

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In this issue, mint tech connectfeatures a feature article about Radicle Science, an AI-driven health tech startup in San Diego, completely reimagining clinical research.

Despite the growing demand for natural products, clinical research on naturopathies remains in short supply due to multiple obstacles, including costly clinical trials, sparse and limited funding, and slow research by institutional bureaucracy. increase. All these hurdles ultimately prevent viable and affordable solutions from entering the mainstream market in a timely manner.

Combining the reach of a market research firm, the scientific rigor of a research university, and the agility of a technology company, Radicle is able to prove and predict the efficacy of health and wellness products at scale. The company leverages its proprietary AI-driven data analytics platform and virtual direct-to-consumer (D2C) clinical trial model to validate and predict the effects of health and wellness products, providing solutions that provide objective health outcome data. Figured out. Diverse populations and conditions.

“By reducing costs and increasing speed, we can democratize access to clinical trials for virtually any company,” said Pelin Thorogood, co-founder and executive chair of Radicle Science. increase.

Radicle Science was founded by Thorogood (M.Eng, MBA) and Dr. Jeff Chen (MD/MBA). These are different generations of Cornell University alumni who met through a common interest in proving the health benefits of cannabis products.

Chen premed at Cornell University before transferring to UCLA for a special physician executive training program that allows students to work on their MD and MBA simultaneously.

“By the time I graduated, I realized there was a deep-rooted interest in not wanting medical reform, and I started looking for ways to improve my health outside of medical facilities,” Chen said. We have identified CBD as the most widely used wellness product in the United States, with the least evidence due to nearly a century of illegality and research bans.”

Frustrated by the cost and slow pace of traditional clinical trials, the two founders decided to launch Radicle Science in early 2020, develop a business plan, and begin operations in December 2020. We raised a pre-seed round in time for

By 2021, Radicle is a huge success, with revenues in the seven-figure range and 25 randomized controlled trials of commercial cannabinoid products that have been run and completed. The Radicle team has grown rapidly and includes well-known professionals and celebrities with well over 50 advanced degrees.These include Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman of the Advisory Board, MD (who was named one of his 50 Great Leaders in the World) luck), CTO Dr. Sheldon Borkin, PhD (Former Vice President of Technology and Chief Security Officer, WebMD), Chief Research Officer Dr. Emily Pauli, PharmD (Former Research Director, Clearview Cancer Institute), Advisor Dr. Rhona Applebaum, PhD (former Coca Cola’s Chief Science Officer).

Radicle’s customers range from large public companies to start-ups. These companies use data from trials to assure retailers, investors, and customers by validating how well their products work.

With clinical trial models proven, Radicle will enter new markets such as functional mushrooms and nootropics to see how these natural products can help with sleep, anxiety, pain, digestion, focus and other necessary conditions. I am investigating whether