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Kanye West Talks Gap, Adidas, Kim Kardashian, Virgil and Wellness on New Alo Yoga Podcast - WWD

Kanye West took a minute to consider his new podcast Alo Yoga last Thursday — the same day he finalized his deal with Gap Inc.

Never shy about controversial topics, the artist, who goes by Ye’s side, spoke openly about his turbulent relationship with the retailer during the opening episode of the new Alo Yoga podcast “Alo Mind Full.”

“The whole reason I went to Gap is [because] West told Alo Yoga founder and co-CEO Officer Danny Harris, along with podcast host Alison Wilson. “So I went to Gap and said, ‘Okay, that’s it. And they did the actual thing. They took the design you did with Demna from Balenciaga and made a $19 version of the T-shirt. They made the dream come true, but only without Steve. They made the dream come true without you. But they still want to, like, do it with that, sort of. What, background and all this… Mark those words in this interview, I’m going to turn it in. I’m going to run s-t, right? You’re no longer the CEO who can talk to me, like, ‘I’m this me.’ I’m not working for you yet right Now.

“But I honestly believe that Gap and Adidas are part of a larger plan to marginalize American companies and American industry, which is the opposite of what Danny said. [Harris] He does,” West continued. “I’m kind of like Robin Hood in a way. Yeah, people could say that, like, a billionaire spent $4 million on Balenciaga in one year. But have the designs been brought back to earth? as much as I can. Because Gap didn’t take it to $20 like I wanted, because they were still trying to protect the classic of Balenciaga’s idea and Gap’s idea. Or the idea of ​​a Gap and Ye collaboration and a Balenciaga collaboration. My idea is, I mean, let’s take it and make it free. But, at least, get it to $20. “

Earlier in the day, West Gap lawyers reported that the mega star was walking away from his deal with the company, claiming that the retailer failed to honor its part of the Yeezy product distribution agreement.

But West had a lot more to talk about than Gap, including co-parenting with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, late fashion designer Virgil Abloh, future schools, books (he likened reading to eating Brussels sprouts), freedom of expression and his thoughts. on wellness.

“People are ashamed of the concept of mental health. “It’s the slightest form of discrimination,” West said during the podcast taped at Allo’s Southern California offices. “This is my goal: to be the ultimate version of who we are. Be in this life video game; [to] is being [the] The ultimate personality of who you are and that is where your ultimate happiness will reach.”

Inside Alo Yoga Miami store with distinctive wooden lattice wall.

Getty Images Alo Yoga

The interview is the first in a new Alo Yoga podcast series on wellness. Reps for Alo – which means “air, land and ocean” – have not confirmed who was scheduled to take part in the show. But Harris told WWD last December that adding a music studio would have helped the Los Angeles-based brand become “the center of health, wellness and education in the world.”

“We believe that influencers, fashion, entertainment, music and wellness education, should all come together, [wellness] “Things can get mainstream and inspire people to live better lives,” Harris said at the time.

Alo Yoga’s lineup includes swimwear, like this limited-edition capsule with Frankies Bikinis. photo courtesy

Fast-forward to nearly a year after that, and Alo Yoga continues to grow its retail fleet (with international locations on the horizon), celebrity collaborations, metaverse activations and product launches. Alo recently unveiled its first luxury ready-to-wear brand, dubbed the “Aspen Collection,” during New York Fashion Week, along with the first NFT.

Meanwhile, West is increasingly busy, despite ending its partnership with Gap. The star shared some of his thoughts.

On the Kardashian: “To this day, I still give Kim [Kardashian] Advice on things that can help. Because this will go to the children. She still has to, you know, raise those kids 80 percent of the time.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

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In expressing feelings and the late Virgil Abloh: “I had a friend you never saw sweating, until we got to his funeral. And that was the head of a Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh. We never saw him sweating until we got to his funeral. People take down the expression. And I say, be expressive.”

Kanye West, left, with late fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

In American manufacturing: People in manufacturing, people who work with clothes, they say the biggest threat to America is Chinese manufacturing and we don’t have domestic manufacturing. You see this example here [with Alo], where there is something different. “

On freedom of speech and self-expression: “A logo can express you and take you, you know, a long way. Graphics on the side of a T-shirt can express something. These are clues to who we are and what we’re feeling down about. But I certainly imagine a world where we don’t have to have these. We don’t have to. We have to tell people out loud who we voted for — that this could be something special.”