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Jane Selter doing yoga in a mini blue thong bikini

fitness effect Jane Selter She proves how resilient she is in another Instagram post.

On Saturday night, the 29-year-old model took to social media to share a short video of her performing a flexible yoga pose in a tiny blue thong bikini.

Jen Selter proves how flexible she can be in a mini thong bikini

In her most recent Instagram post, set on Pascal Letoblon’s “Friendships,” Jane shared a two-second clip of her doing yoga barefoot in front of a desert landscape. Her long dark hair is tied back in a ponytail falling on her back as she stands with her arms straight behind her head and one foot raised in the air behind her, showing off her symmetrical booty.

Jen starts the pose and then quickly stands up straight again, looking at the camera and flexing one leg in front of the other as she poses another sexy pose for her followers. In the caption, Jen left some “cool reminders” for her followers as she continues to share some positive mindfulness tips with her millions of fans.

Jane reminds fans that “Knowledge is your strength” in the list of “Cool Reminders”

Instagram | Jane Selter

Jane started the caption by writing “Great Reminders” before she listed her six highlights. These include: keep a positive mindset, give yourself time to heal, you can’t change the past, don’t compare your journey, your realization is power, and perhaps most importantly, do what makes you happy.

Many fans and friends lit up the post with red heart emoji to show some love for the awesome video and inspiring comment. One follower commented, “Amazing 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️”. Another fan wrote: “You are so beautiful in your photo.” “Million-dollar corpse,” a third follower gushed. “Love the look 😍😍,” another fan chimed. “I love your booty,” another live follower added.

Jane Selter loves to prove how flexible she really is!

In another Instagram video, Jen decided to practice her time-lapse video shooting skills as she sat on the edge of a sidewalk, propping herself up on her hands and feet on the pole. Her sunny tan practically glows over her pink bikini top and matches her thong bikini.

As she stretched her leg behind her head, she suddenly wore a pink sports bra with leggings. There are also sneakers on her feet, while previously she was barefoot. “This is your Monday reminder that you’re really bad and can handle whatever this week throws at you!” I wrote in the caption.

One fan asked, “How many clothes ended up in the water?” Jane responded, “Zero!!! Awesome.” The OP replied, “🙌🙌🙌 That’s awesome.” Another fan commented, “You’re so good at this trick.” Another follower wrote, “Beautiful view 😍.” A third fan called her ‘Magic Jen 😍😍😍’, while another fan told her ‘This is your most important move so far’.

Jen couldn’t get enough of a yoga video with her followers!

In another Instagram video, the social media sensation wears a bikini thong that’s barely visible given the shadows cast by the sunset. In this video, Jane stands in front of the ocean as she moves through several yoga poses, demonstrating her flexibility. Set the tone for Avicii’s “The Nights,” as the white text above the video reads, “If you want to be strong, learn to enjoy being alone!” Jane repeated the message in the post’s comment.

One fan commented, “Jane you have one of the best vagabonds ever and I know you work hard to keep it that way.” “Jin, you are so beautiful and inspiring!! 🥰🥰🥰🌷🌷💕💕🌷,” another follower wrote. “Body so perfect 🔥🔥🔥”, a third fan streamed while another fan commented on the “Magical” video. Other fans showered her post with praise for “amazing”, “awesome” and “so beautiful”.

And these videos are far from the only content Jen has been sharing lately, because she’s also been dropping a lot of sexy bikini shots too! The supermodel recently showed off her “golden hour” in a barely-there bikini, causing fans to throw fiery emojis all over her posts. Fans can check out those lively shots by clicking here.