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James Cameron on whether 'Avatar 2' will be a hit 12 years after the first movie

When Avatar: Way of Water comes out 12 years after the first film, director James Cameron wonders if it can match its previous success.

After a 12-year gap between films, James Cameron is wondering Avatar: Path of Water It’s going to be as big a hit as the first Avatar. On release Avatar It was the highest-grossing film of all time. Avatar: Path of Water I’m back in the world after more than 10 years.

Cameron is no stranger to releasing sequels years after the first. alien When Terminator 2: Judgment Day It was released seven years after the first film. Both of these movies are considered some of the greatest sequels and action movies of all time. Since most sequels usually only last a few years, Avatar: Path of Water It stands out as an exception, as a 12-year film break is almost unheard of in modern times. Even now that reboots and remakes have become commonplace, Avatar: Path of Water The same director and cast as the first film will appear. Additional sequels are currently in various stages of development. avatar 5.

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Cameron is skeptical given the amount of time that passed between movies Avatar: Path of Water have the same new york times, he talked about the time that passed during the film. Check out his quote below.

“In today’s fast-paced world, with Avatar 21 coming out 12 years later, I was a little worried that I stretched out the tether too much. Until we released the teaser trailer, it’s a rare sight to see. But in principle it made me wonder. I haven’t seen it in a long time, but I remember it being so cool at the time. Will it work in our favor? I think.”

As Avatar is one of the most successful films of all time, but Cameron understandably worries about trying to recapture the first film’s success.But everyone underestimates Avatar: Path of Waterbox office potential. titanic When Avatar That alone made Cameron one of the most successful filmmakers of all time. Cameron has released hit movies almost exclusively. Avatar You can expect significant box office revenue. As Cameron points out, the first teaser trailer drew quite a few viewers.

Given Cameron’s blockbuster movie history, Avatar: Path of Water We have to prove that we are not the the first Avatar is being rereleased in theaters, giving audiences the chance to reconnect with the world of Pandora. Despite being released long ago, Avatar It has never left the public consciousness. Between the massive box office success and the reintroduction of his 3D cinematic concept, Avatar Proven to have endurance. Avatar was a 2009 phenomenon, and Cameron will have to wait and see how the long-awaited sequel compares to the first film. Avatar Almost a novel again.

Source: New York Times

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