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Ignition' gets next-gen update

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Motorsports Games unveils a series of major new features for its Nascar video games.

The video game company recently announced Nascar rivals will launch on October 14 on Nintendo Switch, followed by a major announcement on Wednesday morning that Nascar 21: Ignition will be updated for the 2022 Nascar Cup Series season. The update will be available for download from October 6th.

Rather than unveiling a new Nascar game, Motorsport Games opted to allow current users to have a free update on Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series S and X and PC via the Steam store.

“We are thrilled to offer fans the opportunity to play the historic 2022 Nascar Cup Series season on Nascar 21: Ignition with the 2022 extension,” said Jay Pennell, Nascar Brand Manager at Motorsport Games. “Anyone who owns a copy of Nascar 21: Ignition for Xbox, PlayStation or Steam will receive 2022 content for free, something that has never been done before with a Nascar game.

“Since the launch of Nascar 21: Ignitionour team has been working hard to improve the product and add new content, which will continue with the 2022 expansion.”

Players will be greeted with refreshed UI elements for the updateNascar 21: Ignition, making navigating through menus and settings more seamless. An upgraded HUD has also been developed with all new tire wear and fuel indicators to closely monitor the real-time status of the car’s condition while racing.

Motor Racing Network’s Alex Hayden will be featured throughout the game as the official announcer.

Crucially, the game is now updated to have tracks from the 2022 Cup Series season, with the full lineup of drivers, teams and paint schemes, including the Next Gen car.

“Our team has continued to work hard since launch to improve the overall quality of life for Nascar 21: Ignitionand we believe this 2022 expansion is the next step in that process,” Pennell said.

The Nascar rivals The game, meanwhile, will be Motorsport Games’ second Nascar title on the Nintendo Switch. Suitable for young racing fans, it puts racing in their hands.

Pennell said: “Having the ability to provide Nascar fans with a gaming experience in their hands and on the go is really exciting for us at Motorsport Games. This game has a host of features that we know the fans and player base thoroughly enjoy and have been asked for in Nascar products.

“With the Nintendo Switch geared more towards kids and young Nascar fans, we feel like Nascar rivals is a great way to engage those young fans and potentially grow a new fanbase through the game.”

This will be Motorsport Games’ second Nintendo Switch title, following the 2020 debut of Nascar Heat: Ultimate Edition. This game also had a free update for users entering the 2021 season.

The 2022 Switch game revamp will have a fresh and exciting career ode, challenge mode, paint booth and more.