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“I love yoga, but other things get in the way, like work.” - The Irish Times

Massages and body readings were popular draws at the three-day Mind Body Experience event in Dublin this weekend.

Wellness enthusiasts gathered at RDS in Ballsbridge for the free event featuring vendors, talks, workshops and yoga classes.

With 148 different talks and workshops organized, event organizer Freddy Roberts said there is something for everyone.

“The whole way to set it up is that different sections will resonate with different people. Some people come specifically to do yoga and then look around. Others come here for talks and workshops.”

In addition to scheduled events, there are nearly 200 vendors selling items such as crystals, candles, CBD oil, and natural beauty products.

“Events like ours are great because groups of friends can come in and not have to spend a penny, but they can still have a day outside attending talks, workshops or yoga classes, so it’s great,” said Mr. Roberts. “It’s great for people to do and it’s affordable.”

Mandisa Nozulu from Swords came for a yoga class: “Other than a small issue with the sound system, the class was amazing. I love yoga, but other things get in your way, like work, so I don’t do it as much as I want.”

After the lesson, Nozulu browsed the vendors’ booths but didn’t think she’d buy anything, saying she knew the money.

Olga Jusubova of Swords owns Natzen’s natural skincare products and even has a booth at the event. While she said the event was crowded, people don’t seem to be buying much.

“I think this could be unstable times for people because of the war in Ukraine and the price hikes.”

Meanwhile, massages and psychic readings, which charge a fee, were attracting clients. Throughout the hall, people could be seen lying on their backs, on their stomachs or sitting on chairs during the massage, oblivious to the noise of the crowd around them.

Tara Vitality O’Neill of Portlaoise attended the event today with her friend and is planning to buy some crystals, books and tarot cards and get a massage, which she said was a reasonable price.

In the back corner of the hall, dozens of psychics and tarot card readers were arranged like a job fair. Rachel Bogans of Rathcoole, recently qualified as a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology teacher, was trying to choose the best psychic to help her connect with the family who died.

“You choose a psychic from the energy you get from them and what you want from reading, but it’s hard to feel their energy when they’re all sitting next to each other.”

Ms Boggans said finding a good person is important because such indulgence is rare.

Other exhibitors include Breast Cancer Ireland, who led a workshop on breast health, Addictive Eaters Anonymous and several holistic mental health booths.

In the afternoon, the place was filled with people.

At around 2 p.m., The Zoryanna, a Dublin-based tribal and mixed belly dance troupe, performed in the center of the hall. The quartet, which has been together for 15 years, fuses Middle Eastern and Asian influences along with whatever other elements they are interested in. After creating a temporary stage using several colorful sarees, the women entertained the crowd.

The Mind Body Experience holds weekly fairs across Ireland, but this was their first major event since Covid.

Roberts said the cost of bidding has increased: “The costs have gone up for us, especially with our regional offerings. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to do that next year because of the increase in hotel costs, which is about 300 percent.”

He said the cost of renting sections of the Dublin Fair has increased by 40 per cent since the last time the show was held.

Another event is scheduled at the Salthill Hotel in Galway on Sunday 2 October, followed by an event at Cork City Hall on 15 and 16 October.