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High Touch: Pioneering XR Technology Achievements

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Coming from a diverse background in film, design, visual effects, and experience, we were so excited about XR and virtual production that we embraced it early on, applying LED panels to as many projects as possible. I have attached it. It seems that the call comes when things are very complicated. So we had the opportunity to really push XR media, and in the process tried new and unorthodox things like building custom LED fisher lights that are 60 feet long. Acura project. Mapping the live camera feed of SoFi Stadium’s 50-yard line to his XR stage on his Verizon. But nothing can be done in isolation. We are constantly amazed by the work of our fellow filmmakers who are doing incredible things and pushing the frontiers. Below are five notable examples of XR technology. Some were chosen for their artistic achievement, some for their historical significance, some for their technical pioneering…

Katy Perry x American Idol – “2020 Finale: Daisies”

Production: XR Studios × Silent Partners Studio

This performance was one of the first mainstream demonstrations of XR and showed its incredible potential. A live in-camera performance on an LED stage in the midst of a pandemic, set in a dynamic and visually stylized animated environment, delivered to an audience of millions. It was also one of the first uses of real-time in-camera set extensions, allowing CG environments and camera movements to extend beyond the physical set.

“Joker” – subway scene

Production: Warner Bros. Pictures x DC Films x Village Roadshow Pictures

In this iconic scene from Joker’s first crime, a life-size subway train set was surrounded by LED walls outside the windows. This isn’t the first time LEDs have been used in this way, but what makes it exciting is the application of real-time control over the content working in concert with the actor’s acting spontaneity. Lawrence Shah ASC and team created a dynamic, interactive lighting environment that adjusted to the character’s undulations by animating and triggering the subway tunnels, lights, and platforms they passed through in real time.

“2020 World Championship Final”

Production: Riot Games x Lux Machina

It combines multiple cameras, exciting XR and AR effects, places a multitude of talents in ambitious and dynamic game worlds to deliver a seamless viewer experience, and brings the game world to life on a massive scale. A great example of a live broadcast.

“The Batman”

Production: Warner Bros. Pictures x DC Entertainment x 6th & Idaho Productions x Dylan Clark Productions

Like groundbreaking works like The Mandalorian before it, it’s incredibly exciting to see the world come to life using XR and LED technology, and Batman will bring that to life. Pushing the bar even higher. Matt Reeves, Greg Fraser, and team have wrapped characters and storylines within Gotham’s living, breathing and fully immersive representation – unique visual personalities, architecture , lighting feel, and gritty tactile quality for the first time.

OnePlus – “Nord 2 5G”

Agency: OnePlus

Production: The Sweetshop Shanghai x Aggressive x OTO Film x TigreLab

Post: Heckler Singapore

Sound: Massive Music Tokyo

I was looking for a more traditional advertising example, so I shamelessly decided to plug in my own project for OnePlus. What made this spot particularly fun for us was trying to find unconventional ways to execute shots and transitions, combining real foreground sets with LED backgrounds, taking a true mixed-media approach to scenes and environments. That’s what I did. From Unreal Engine’s accelerated forests, to landscape collages mixed with miniatures and puppets, to hypercolor motion graphics tunnels, to world journeys in first-person videogames, each shot is a puzzle, the magic of virtual production. .