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'Good Bones' video game celebrates Latino heritage while tackling domestic violence issue - NBC Connecticut

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Halloween is right around the corner, and a new video game coming out in the next few weeks takes players on a journey through a haunted house.

“Good Bones” is created by Jes Negrón, a Wallingford woman who aims to do more than entertain. The game also has a serious problem: domestic violence.

“I think it’s important that more stories like this are told, so that more people can be touched and realize that they deserve better,” said Negrón, founder of Retcon Games.

A ramshackle house and a supernatural twist set the stage for the “Good Bones.”

“It’s about a woman whose wife dies and who takes her daughter away to escape her grief,” Negrón said. “She finds herself in this kind of creepy house where some kind of mystery is unfolding. She has to work with her daughter to uncover the mystery of a ghost that haunts the house.

The puzzle game embraces Negrón’s Puerto Rican heritage. All of the characters are Latin and Negrón hired Latin artists for the visuals and music.

“There are a lot of little details in the art,” she said. “It’s got a very hip-hop and lo-fi sound, but with a mix of a lot of Latin beats. So you have bossa nova, salsa, merengue in there.

Negrón, who was born in Connecticut after her parents moved from Puerto Rico to the United States, celebrates her culture. However, she said the game also tackles issues she’s too often seen seep into family life: machismo and domestic violence.

“I think it’s just something that isn’t talked about enough in the Latino community,” Negrón said.

By coding the game and writing thousands of lines of dialogue, Negrón wants his script to bring these issues out of obscurity.

“A lot of Latinx communities and people see these things, if they don’t experience them themselves, and it’s all very quiet,” Negrón said. “I think a lot of people relate to that, all communities are very quiet about domestic violence. I feel like we need to talk more about it. »

Negrón said that “Good Bones” will be released next month on the Steam gaming platform. He’s on about 4,000 wishlists, and Negrón hopes his work will educate a younger generation.

“I think every time someone interacts with a story, they take something away from it,” she said.

It’s a story of new beginnings, for the characters and also for Negrón, who founded his own company Recon Games in 2021.

It comes after she quit her job at Riot Games, filing a class action lawsuit with other women over unequal pay and sexual harassment. The company agreed to pay $100 million to settle the lawsuit.

Now branching out on her own, Negrón said Retcon aims to foster inclusion and make the voices of marginalized communities heard.

“My goal is really to get people to hit that rewind button and re-record, you know, tell their stories the way they were meant to be told,” she said.

Through storytelling, she pushes to bring about social change.

“If they really connect with something and they realize, ‘you know what, I’m sharing some of these experiences’, it can open up a whole new world that they hadn’t even considered before, and bring them really thought-provoking, ‘I deserve better,’ Negrón said.

“Good Bones” will be on sale on Steam for $14.99 upon release.