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Flow yoga for America back

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America Backwards – I know you’ve heard all kinds of misinformation about it. People use it as an excuse for everything: showing up late, not buying heavy machinery, clinical depression, you name it! But it is a natural cycle. Every celestial body regresses at some point. It’s two steps forward, one step towards the dark ages, fingers crossed towards justice.

I’ve heard people say that America is falling behind a lot these days. Technically, this is not true. We astrologers (and minorities) know that America declines roughly four times a year and have done so every year since the country was founded. However, the feeling that relapses have increased in frequency is quite understandable.

So, what to do when America’s retrograde looks really frustrates you? There are a lot of tips and tricks I’m sure you’ve already heard – sleep more, light candles, chant prayers, free writing, start riots. It’s all very true, but you can’t go wrong with a yoga flow to start your day. This sequence was specifically designed with America’s current season in mind.


Start in a comfortable seated position. Inhale and exhale until you reach four. Feel your body. Then feel the country around you, but maybe not so much. The opening hymn is optional, if it is part of your practice. Maybe in Sanskrit, but if you’re more comfortable with something in English, can I suggest “enough is enough” or “hands off your ovaries”.

Half sun salute

To keep warm, please stand at the top of your rug. Fold forward on your toes and reach the floor. Get up halfway and touch your cane before bending back into inaction, like the Senate. Do it again. Halfway with a hopeful inhale. Collapse with a labored exhale. Inhale hope and exhale discontent. Repeat until dizzy.

first warrior

Start with your feet together and then, with your right foot, take a big step back, like a Supreme Court justice. Get caught up in the rush more than anyone, including you, thought you could. Take the step without looking behind you – just trust that the ground will be there. Raise your weapons in victory – Warrior One pose. Your flexibility will only increase over time.

baby’s position

This mode is always available to you at any time during training if things get too much. These days, some used to call this mode “weak”, but I prefer the classic name. Your child may be familiar with the variations in this pose that are taught during rehearsals at school. Get down to the ground and remain still. Stay here for a very long time.

yogi squat

Begin by bending while keeping your spine aligned – head over the heart over the pelvis. This rise, the squat height, is where you should set your expectations going forward, to avoid disappointment. Expecting anything more from anyone – like, say, a boss – is not a path to inner peace. If you can bring the soles of your feet to the ground so you can go down, that would be wise.

Sphinx position

Come forward to lie on your stomach, before arching your back and raising your hands in front of you to form the shape of that magnificent monument in Egypt. Hold on here and think about the empires of eras past. All of them had nearly two hundred and fifty years of greatness. Collapse is inevitable. Release and rest in Savasana.


At the end of your practice, return to your intention. Do you remember her? It is a word or phrase that must be kept in your heart and guide your flow. You might have chosen something like “freedom,” “freedom,” or “the pursuit of capitalism.” Did we not set an intent at the beginning of this flow? Well, maybe this is where it all went wrong. apologetic. But Mercury is currently retrograde. One hardly expects perfection in these troubled times. Namaste. ♦