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Elizabeth Olsen's Best Indie Movies, Ranked

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Elizabeth Olsen American actress best known for playing the role of Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch in the MCU. She (so far) has been in five movies and got her own series Wanda VisionOlsen continues to gain more and more attention as one of the most powerful characters within the MCU. Although she started her acting career much earlier, she has made a name for herself as one of the best actresses of her generation.

Before Olsen became Scarlet Witch, she made her debut by appearing in a low-budget indie film. Martha Mercy May Marlene She has been nominated for many awards. While it may seem like she abandoned indie films for the MCU, this is far from the truth. , continues to explore every corner of the film. wind river, among others. Here are the best Elizabeth Olsen indie movies, ranked:

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8 oldboy

Directed by Spike Lee, this neo-noir thriller is a remake of Park Chan-wook’s film of the same name. oldboy Advertiser Joe Doucet (Josh Brolin) is kidnapped and taken to a strange hotel room after a long night of binge drinking. Over his next twenty years, Joe suffers many afflictions, while the motives of his captors remain unclear. When Joe is strangely released for no rhyme or reason, he is determined to find the person who tormented him for twenty years. Play Marie Sebastian and offer to help him. The film was a box office bomb, but received praise for Brolin and Olsen’s performances.

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7 secretly

secretlyalso known as Thérèsebased on the novel by Emile Zola Thérèse RaquinThe film follows Thérèse Raquin (Olsen), a sexually repressed young woman trapped in a marriage with her cousin Camille (Tom Felton), in collaboration with her lover Laurent (Oscar Isaac). It’s a story about killing Camille so that the lovers can stay together. Their love for each other is not enough to save them from the consequences of murder. .

6 silent house

Uruguayan movie remake La Casa Muda, silent house It was one of Olsen’s first films. The film revolves around Sarah (Olsen) helping her uncle Peter and father John clean up the family’s old Victorian villa so it can be sold. Sarah is separated from her family and locked in a cabin, where she experiences many out-of-the-ordinary events. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to mixed reviews. Some referred to the film as a nightmare come true, while others felt it was an exaggerated version of the story they had seen before.

Five liberal art

When college adviser Jesse (Josh Radnor) returns to his alma mater in Ohio for his former professor’s retirement party, he becomes involved with a young student named Jibby. Elizabeth Olsen plays Jibby, a drama student who becomes romantically involved with Jesse. Radner directs and stars in his flick of this unique college, exploring aspects of school and how we crave what we don’t have. liberal art It was generally well received, with many critics enjoying how the film approaches the topics of nostalgia, youth, and adulthood. Hardcore critic Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four, liberal art bring.

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Four Kodachrome

Based on a New York Times article written by AG Sulzberger, Kodachrome It tells the story of Matt, who is informed that his father, Usher, has terminal cancer, and his desperate wish is that Matt joins him on a road trip from New York to Kansas to process the last roll of Kodachrome film. Olsen will play Usher’s nurse Zooey Khan, co-starring Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis. The Indie gem shows the love between her father and son that is often brought about only by the most heartbreaking circumstances.

3 Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings is a unique film that tells the story of Allen Ginsburg (Daniel Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William S. Burroughs (Ben Foster). , Manhattan, New York City. Olsen plays Edie Parker, Kerouac’s wife at the time the film was shot. The film received a lot of praise upon its release, with critics praising Radcliffe’s performance as well as the chemistry between the main cast. Despite the inaccuracies in the film, Kill Your Darlings Winner of numerous awards, including the Venice Days International Award at the Venice International Film Festival.

2 wind river

As one of her recent indie films, wind river It revolves around a wildlife tracker and an FBI agent trying to solve a murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Olsen stars as an FBI agent alongside her familiar MCU member Jeremy Renner, known for his performance as Hawkeye. wind river was the sixth-highest-grossing indie film of 2017, making a significant impact at the box office. The film was praised for its writing, cast performances, and overall pacing. Having said that, wind river It was also criticized by the Indigenous community, with one article about the film entitled “Why Do White Writers Keep Making Movies About Indian Country?” I feel lost while focusing on Indigenous women. fight.

1 Martha Mercy May Marlene

In her big screen debut, Olsen stars in this low-budget indie film, which portrays Martha doing her best to get back to normal life after escaping a cult. Despite her efforts, Martha suffers from delusions and paranoia, thanks to her abusive cult. Martha Mercy May Marlene It was the perfect debut for Olsen and showcased her skill as an actor and ability to find value in content by choosing to star in such a low-budget indie film over a big-budget blockbuster. Olsen’s performance won numerous awards, including the Vancouver Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress. Her Olsen performance got her a lot of attention and launched her career in the right direction.