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Elected former civil servant and business leader David Harrington dies at 68

Prince George’s County elected former civil servant and community leader David Harrington passed away this week at the age of 68. Photo courtesy of the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce.

The former mayor, county official and state senator who later became an advocate for the business world died Monday at the age of 68.

David Harrington served as mayor of Bradensburg (1995-2002), Prince George County Assemblyman (2002-2008), and state senator (2008-2011).

He started his new job in April as Senior Director of Community Relations and Stakeholder Development at Kaiser Permanente in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

One of Cheveley’s neighbors, former county administrator Rashahn L. Baker III, had known Harrington since they met at Howard University in 1978.

“He was the liberal arts student council president my freshman year,” Baker said Tuesday. “He spoke to our class and I went to tell him about student council. He said, ‘You should run for class president in second grade,’ and I did. He later became the president of the humanities student council.”

Harrington’s death affected Baker on several levels, as his wife Christa Beverly Baker died a year earlier on September 18, 2021.

Baker said he received several phone calls from colleagues in the business after Harrington’s death.

“I’ve had several health check-up calls from people of our generation,” he said. “We have to get each other on the phone, especially with African-American men, about their health.”

Regarding health advocacy, Harrington worked for about a year as a senior policy advisor for the CommonHealth ACTION in Washington, DC.

In addition to his public service work in the county, he is best known for serving more than ten years as president and chief executive officer of the county’s Chamber of Commerce.

Harrington revived the Chamber of Commerce and increased membership to 600 large, medium and small businesses. He used his political experience to advocate for state and local pro-business policies.

According to a statement from the Chamber of Commerce, “David was loved, respected and admired throughout the community.” We share the grief of his death, but as an organization we will continue to honor his mission of excellence, service, advocacy, policy advice, mentorship and leadership.”

David Iannucci, president and CEO of Prince George’s Economic Development Corporation, called Harrington a “tireless advocate” for economic development in the county.

“This loss is a huge shock to the business community,” said Iannucci. “He had a huge presence that will be greatly missed.”

Iannucci used many words to describe Harrington, but the one that stood out, he said, was “leader.”

Among his leaders is State Senator Malcolm Augustine (of D-Prince George), who also lives in Cheverly.

“David was a good friend and a mentor who made many outstanding contributions to our community,” said Augustine. “We are grateful for our friendship and for his tremendous service. Senator David C. Harrington will be missed but will never be forgotten.”

At a fundraiser for Prince George County Chief Executive Angela Alsbrooks, Democrat, on Tuesday night, Rep. Anthony Brown, Democrat, asked the crowd to observe a moment of silence in honor of Harrington.

Brown praised Harrington’s devotion to his family and political savvy, saying, ” [the Prince George’s chamber] out of the ashes.

Founding Editor Josh Kurtz contributed to this article.