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Dell Designathon Synergizes Goal-Driven Innovation and Contemporary Technology to Drive Human Progress in 2022, CIO News, ET CIO

The pandemic has driven workplace transformations and pushed organizations to adopt remote working arrangements. In the new normal, such workplace transformations have become permanent, and a hybrid work model has become commonplace for organizations across various industries. Looking back, the transition from traditional workspaces to remote work would not have been possible without secure and efficient laptops. Without the necessary tools and technologies that facilitate remote working, organizations would not have been able to ensure the continuity of business operations during the confinement phase. Therefore, equipping the workforce with the right laptops that support remote work tools and higher workload capacity is a business imperative, even in the post-pandemic ecosystem.

In addition to facilitating business continuity in uncertain socio-economic conditions, technology can also be recognized as the greatest catalyst for innovation and transformation. Technology provides the means to create and make a difference in society, which ultimately brings about sustainable human progress and radical transformation. Dell’s flagship Designathon is the greatest testament to how efficient tools and devices can drive unprecedented levels of innovation.

Technology powers social innovation and sustainability

Innovation itself is an intangible idea that cannot be brought to life without leveraging technology as a means to do so. Two very notable ways that technology propels innovation are that it facilitates experimentation and stimulates co-creation and collaboration. Dell’s Designathon event is a great example of how technology opens the door to social innovation and sustainability.

The Dell Designathon is a one-of-a-kind design challenge that encourages innovation and inspires budding startups to design innovative solutions that can drive societal and business value in the VUCA world. This forward-looking event, institutionalized by Dell Technologies, is designed exclusively to accentuate the immense potential and innovative capacity of young startups by replicating the competitive nature of the global business landscape. Dell Technologies hosted the 4th edition of its progressive Designathon event on August 25, 2022 to celebrate the power of innovation and applaud the contribution of young startups to driving the technology revolution across the country.

Dell Designathon Synergizes Goal-Driven Innovation and Contemporary Technology to Drive Human Progress in 2022

Returning after 2.5 years with a unique but relevant theme (Design for Change), the event saw 10 young start-up teams, including product designers, app developers and UI/UX designers, spotlight their groundbreaking and unprecedented solutions that aim to facilitate social upliftment. To bring their fledgling ideas to life, the teams received all-new Precision Series laptops equipped with the latest processors, next-gen graphics, all-new display options, and everlasting battery life. Dell’s next-generation precision mobile workstations allowed attendees to easily glide through the technical complexities of converting their creative product ideas into prototypes ready to be tested. With their ability to easily handle demanding workloads, Dell Precision Series laptops have simplified the product design process for teams and provided them with a smooth and seamless work experience.

Thus, by relying on the right devices throughout the design process, the startup teams participating in the Designathon event were able to transform their concept notes into final deliverables and present them to the jury for further evaluation.

Increase productivity and collaboration with Dell Precision Workstations

To successfully navigate the hybrid work environment, business leaders need the portability and performance offered by Dell Technologies’ innovative line of Precision workstations. Designed exclusively for today’s rapidly changing workplace trends, Dell’s precision laptops reflect the needs of the workforce in remote working conditions.

Offering the ideal combination of collaboration, intelligence and security, Dell Technologies’ Precision family of devices is here to enhance the hybrid work experience for people and organizations. Equipped with space-age processors and the latest connectivity options, the Precision 5470 and Precision 5570 laptops are purpose-built to improve collaboration and productivity in hybrid environments.

With a greater emphasis on intelligence and security, Precision laptops feature the latest cybersecurity tools that can keep security threats at bay and provide a safe workspace for employees. Additionally, the laptops are equipped with Dell’s AI-powered software, Optimizer, which learns various working styles and responds to user needs, automatically improving application performance, battery life, audio settings and confidentiality.

Strengthen India’s startup culture to optimize societal value

Announced on August 5, 2022 for startups across India, the 4th edition of the Dell Designathon received a plethora of concept notes explaining the background, target audience, problem statement and solution. Subsequently, 10 concepts – positioned to change society for the better – were shortlisted and mentored by senior business leaders and innovators – Pradeep Kumar, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Paypal; Taha Malik, Founder, Baari Labs Startup Ecosystem Enabler, Headstart; Ekta Rohra Jafri, Compass Design Lead, IDC; Ujjwal Trivedi, Senior Product Manager, WorkInSync; Dr. Lakshmi Jagannathan, CEO, Derbi Foundation, Bina Trivedi – Partner, ITI Growth Opportunities Fund; Tanul Mishra – CEO, Afthonia Pvt Ltd; with Sanjay Mehta – Founder and Partner, 100X.VC; and Hanisha Vaswani – Managing Partner, Majority Fund. The mentors/judge members are committed to guiding, empowering and advising the young entrepreneurs who entered the competition.

On the occasion of the Dell Designathon 2022, Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director and General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India, said, “Creating technologies that drive human progress has always been at the heart of Dell Technologies. The Designathon event is another effort in the same direction. With sustainability and improving the quality of human life being the central themes of the event, the 4th edition of the Dell Designathon saw a plethora of submissions from young startups aiming to create solutions that drive social and economic progress. Supported by Dell’s Precision laptops that brought their ideas to life, I congratulate all entrants and winners for attempting Design for Change.”

Industry stalwarts shared their insightful take on the country’s entrepreneurship landscape and how Designathon is helping to refine and grow it.

“The Headstart team congratulates all recipients of the Dell designation. This unique format has extended great optimism for innovative young minds. We look forward to more high-impact initiatives from the Dell for Startups stables,” said Mukesh Kestwal, Head of Innovation Center, Headstart Network Foundation.

Prajeet Prabhakaran, Program Manager, Corporate and Accelerator Relations, Kerala Startup Mission said, “Participating in the Dell Technologies Forum was truly a great experience. Glad to know about the startup support initiatives launched by Dell Technologies as it will be a catalyst for the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem. Designathon was a well-planned and structured event, and it was truly an eye-opener for the founders of the startup and the team that was part of it. KSUM is proud to partner with Dell Technologies to host the Designathon and we look forward to partnering with many such initiatives in the days to come.”

Shaji Varghese, Deputy Managing Director, SINE IIT Bombay, said, “We saw a mix of creative thinking, exciting business ideas and innovation from innovators/startups who participated in this year’s Dell Designathon. As SINE, we are pleased to partner with Dell Technologies to support design elements to innovation.”

“It was great to be part of the Dell Designathon at the Dell Technologies Forum 2022. This Design Driven Innovation Challenge which brought 10 innovative ideas across India was a great initiative by Dell Technologies to bring ideas to the impact level. MSInS is proud to partner with Dell Technologies for this event and looks forward to many more impactful collaborations to come,” added Mithun John, Co-CEO, Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS)

Designathon Reflects Dell’s Commitment to Driving Human Progress

Dell Designathon Synergizes Goal-Driven Innovation and Contemporary Technology to Drive Human Progress in 2022

Dell’s thought leadership to drive human progress through technology, invest in innovation to reduce environmental impact, support a transparent supply chain, ensure an inclusive future workforce and improve conditions for less Fortunes is meticulously integrated and powered by its flagship Designathon event. The event stood out as a testament to social entrepreneurship in which participating teams submitted groundbreaking proposals addressing major societal issues such as accessibility to healthcare and educational facilities for all; Increased diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace; And build a sustainable future through crucial economic and climate measures.

The event also highlights the role of innovative technologies in social and human progress. To cite an example, Backyard Creator’s unprecedented cost-effective non-surgical adhesive hearing aid, Eyecan’s app for empowering and enhancing visually impaired students, and Wize’s data-driven solution for enablement of the concert workforce are all technology-driven solutions created by the leaderboard holders during the event. Thus, Dell’s Designathon 2022 illustrates the immense potential of technology to address some of the most pressing challenges that persist in the world today.