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Deion Sanders should be the number one college coach candidate in the country, starting in Arizona

Deion Sanders is the only person to have played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series, not to mention the only player to record an MLB home run and an NFL interception in the same week.

On October 11, 1992, he played in the NFL and was fit for an MLB game….on the same day…in two different cities. This is probably better than when he won the 100m and he won the 200m in the morning track meet at Florida State University and started that night as center fielder for the Seminole baseball team.

Of course, there are more. More, mostly in football. How many players can count both Super Bowl receptions and interceptions? Only him.

What about scoring an NFL touchdown six different ways (rushing, receiving, point return, kick return, interception, fumble recovery)? Dudley.

Is Sanders just an otherworldly athlete? unlikely. As a Jackson State football coach, he’s not only 14-2 in his last 16 games (including his 3-0 this season). FCS school.

And this is no part-time celebrity coach. Watch as Hunter, who entrusted Sanders with his trust and future, sheds tears of gratitude on his coach’s shoulder before their first game together.

Perhaps the most perplexing mystery in major college football is that Arizona is largely useless with its resources, location, weather, and more. The Sun Devils record his one top 10 finish in his 35 years (dating back to 1996). He fired Harm Edwards on Sunday after losing to Eastern Michigan.

Namely, programs that seem to have all the potential but inexplicably never get out of their way, and people and coaches who have spent their lives redefining what is possible.

Deion Sanders in Arizona? Now what is it?

Sanders, of course, has been a coach at Jackson State University and has said in the past that he would like to continue working there, especially at HBCU. If so, good. Incredible story so far.

That said, Sanders has been interviewed for coaching jobs at major conferences, including TCU and Arkansas. “I should have gotten them,” Dion said at last winter’s Dans Le Batard show, in classic Dion style.

He should certainly get the next one. Deion Sanders, not named Urban Meyer, should be the number one coach candidate in the country this year. Still, Meyer has baggage and it could end up being a rough one.

Sanders? He arrives with flair, fanfare, a whole new demeanor, and goals that seem improbable when first uttered.

This is especially appealing to ASU, and many agree that it takes the right person to be a juggernaut. A city school, a fun school, a cool school. Nearly everyone who has ever set foot in Tempe (athlete or not) looks around with the same reaction— I can’t believe this.

The right people can finally make it matter. Attendance, fan excitement, media, booster donations, business support, and more.

Son of the legendary colorful drum Majorette, Sanders is the king of hype. Once known as ‘Neon Deion’ and ‘Primetime’, he now calls himself ‘Coach Prime’.

Deion Sanders has an 18-5 record at Jackson State so far, including a 3-0 record to start the season. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Sanders could probably be a successful coach anywhere, but that doesn’t mean he should try for it.

After all, Nebraska is open, but Dion in the cold cornfields of Lincoln seems out of place. Placed him in the Iron Bowl across from Saban. Will he work well in a historically toxic booster and small town setting? maybe not.

Sure, Sanders going back to his alma mater would be a big deal, but Mike Nobel has the Seminoles 3-0 up, so that potential may not come to fruition.

Arizona State is a sleeping giant in the right place, and Sanders seems to have ticked all the boxes.

If nothing else, he’ll soon turn recruiting fortunes. Almost all of them hailed from the Phoenix area.

However, this will be nationwide. Sanders can lure prospects to a palm-tree-lined campus just minutes from one of the nation’s largest airports. And let’s not forget the transfer market where Sanders is relentlessly aggressive. “We live in a portal,” he once said.

He could also arrive with six rising stars from Jackson State, possibly including his son and quarterback Shedule Sanders (10 TDs, 0 interceptions this season). .

Perhaps most of all, Sanders has shown that he is more than a showman. This isn’t about flashy recruit wins or arriving at a press conference with Marching his band and Escalade.

Jackson State University is well organized, well run, and well instructed. The little things are usually what derail the former star player and his NFL coach when he returns to campus. not Sanders. Despite dealing with a horrific city-wide water outage, JSU has outpaced his opponents this season, with him 141 to 30.

So does he take it all to the desert?

Can I roll up my coach prime to PHX and have a 5 star recruit pick up at Bentley?

Only Deion Sanders might know, but the perpetually fluttering Sun Devils might as well call and find out.