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'Constantine' 2 ushers in new life for DC movies, but how much will it cost?

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John Constantine You won’t be depressed forever. A sequel to his 2005 cult classic, Constantine With Keanu Reeves — call it a revival — marks the end of J.J.

September 16th, deadline Warner Bros. Discovery has announced that a sequel is in development. Constantine. Both Reeves and director Francis Lawrence have spoken. reverse In 2018 he “will not do” a sequel, attached to the project. No release date has been announced yet.

Based on the DC Comics series hellblazer The film (published by the adult-oriented imprint Vertigo) starred Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, an occult expert and freelance exorcist. Released almost 20 years before him, the film received lukewarm reviews and performed moderately at the box office, placing him second only to the Will Smith romantic comedy. hitch.

Comic book fans weren’t in love with it either, and took issue with the film’s portrayal of a shotgun-wielding American Constantine, rather than the punk-blonde Englishman from Liverpool in the source material. was inspired by Sting, whose philosophies and attitudes were defined by the Thatcher-era counterculture, by contrast Reeves was the dark hero in the shadow of 9/11.)

Despite the film’s underwhelming box office performance, ratings are rising year on year.Editorial on Rotten Tomatoes, GQ, and even we reverse Call it an “underappreciated gem,” especially in contrast to the modern superhero era. Constantine — Not to mention the Zen-like public image that Reeves has cultivated — post-merger Warner Bros. seems to see a dollar sign in giving people what they want. Constantine(And more Keanu.)

Constantinewas released in 2005 and also starred an ensemble including Rachel Weisz (right), Tilda Swinton, Peter Stormare, Djimon Honsou, and Shia LaBeouf.David James/Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Since becoming CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav has made controversial decisions with the ultimate goal of tightening the company’s spending.This includes the infamous decision to cancel bat girl‘s planned theatrical release and opted out of listing on HBO Max, even though the film was already in post-production.

Overall, Zaslav has turned down Warner’s streaming volume and believes a theatrical release is more lucrative and worthwhile. “Our conclusion is that expensive direct-streaming movies … are nothing compared to what happens when you run a movie in theaters.”

the green light of Constantine The sequel also marks the unofficial end of JJ Abrams’ Constantine TV series. hellblazerThe Star Wars director was developing it for HBO Max. Madame Xwas part of an overall deal between Abrams and Warner. variety report hellblazer When Madame X It is still in the works and has been purchased for other platforms. (Similar to Abrams noir comics. Batman: Caped Crusader.)

This is the future in which DC fans may soon find themselves.While Zaslav has verbalized his commitment to the DC brand, the CEO’s pattern makes it clear that the theater is the studio’s primary focus. That means more, and an uncertain future for streaming hits like doom patrol When peacemaker Based on more minor characters.If Constantine could be the beginning of something There are also sequels to other cult DC movies.Sequel Over/Under Extraordinary Gentlemen’s League? loser? Jonah Hex? steel?

In 2014, British actor Matt Ryan played a more comic-accurate Constantine in the short-lived NBC series. ConstantineHe later joined DC’s TV sharing universe, appearing on shows like arrow, flashWhen Legend of tomorrow.DC Comics/Warner Bros. Television/Kobal/Shutterstock

theater Constantine A sequel is still a tall order, considering Constantine isn’t a household name outside of geek fandom. (At least, not enough for billions of total capital B.) In another, perhaps better, reality, Constantine Sounds like a perfect fit for HBO Max.

No doubt there are many questions about. Constantine The sequel, from its story to the prospect of building its own shared universe. TV Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) and Netflix Constantine ( Sandmanplayed by Jenna Coleman), and in the case of JJ Abrams it might be another TV Constantine hellblazer survive.

But no scenario deserves Constantine as a character more than the recent announcement of a sequel to the film. Orthodoxly, he always hides from the damnation with the skin of his teeth. Even if it takes 17 years, Constantine finds a solution.