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Cobra Kai gave me the courage to see the original movie

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Whenever I see pre-2000s Asian character-set movies, I get a little worried. It’s been a long road for Asia’s representatives in media and entertainment, but looking back can sometimes be painful.beloved movies like 16 candles When breakfast at tiffany’s Not because I didn’t understand Sam’s very American girl struggles as a teenager, or because I wasn’t fascinated by Holly Golightly’s quirkiness, but because those movies contained caricatures of people like me. is.They turned Asian faces into joke butts. This has always been my fear and the reason I avoided karate kidThe idea of ​​a wise and experienced Japanese man teaching karate to white kids in New Jersey came to me quickly.

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I don’t think it was fair considering I never actually saw the movie. Also, I didn’t want to be disappointed.

“Cobra Kai” turned things around for me

But then I started seeing cobra kaiPartly because it’s my job to get information about popular programs, but partly because I was interested. The series began on YouTube Red before being acquired by Netflix, had the original cast members from the film and seemed to be well-loved by the public. On top of that, I didn’t expect to come across racism or racist sentiment from a series made in 2018, so I started watching.

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And it’s no exaggeration to say that I was immediately fascinated by the characters in the series. Ralph MacchioDaniel Larusso of William Zabka‘s Johnny Lawrence, two characters I knew only well through pop culture infiltration, like the new kids on the block. Xolo MaridueñaMiguel Diaz of Tanner BuchananRobbie Keane of Mary Mouserof Samantha LaRusso.

Thankfully, the show filled a gap in my knowledge of what happened in the movie. However, upon replaying the film’s flashbacks, I realized that the film wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.Played by Miyagi Pat Morita, had a strong Japanese accent, but his words had an impact and was respected by Daniel.We have never laughed. After talking I decided to give karate kid One shot.

Miyagi-san was the main character

From the perspective of those who have seen it all, what was surprising was cobra kaiThe Daniel and Ali scene (Elizabeth Shue) felt like filler, it was cute but ultimately didn’t matter. Even Johnny, who has such a big role in the show, felt like a tiny part of the movie.

Seeing Morita play Miyagi, I could see firsthand how Daniel was inspired and influenced by him. His lessons were not just teaching karate, they were life lessons. At times he was stern and serious, but at other times he was warm and caring. He had a hard time, but he was still a good and decent man. Miyagi is a model of docile, soft-spoken language.My fears that he might fall into the minority stereotype are allayed not only by the way he stands up for himself, but also by the way he defends Daniel. was given.

It is very rewarding to watch how the bond between Miyagi, who lost his wife and child, and Daniel, who has a fatherless child, slowly develops through the film. Macchio and Morita displayed great chemistry in their scenes together, and Miyagi slowly transformed from teacher to father figure. When he learned that he died in childbirth at the Manzanar concentration camp while fighting inside, he began to see his mentor in a different light.

These moments look at Miyagi’s life not as Daniel’s teacher and guide, but as an Asian American struggling with the trauma of his past and his own identity. A man who saw them as enemies and fought for a country that lost everything and still managed to keep it. On the surface, it’s amazing how all of that translates into a movie about a kid who moves to a new city and deals with girls and bullies.

‘The Karate Kid’ Sets Up An Entire Franchise Of Strong Storytelling

Not because this was the only one that stood out in the movie, but because those scenes ultimately captivated me. I loved the music and karate scene, especially the All Valley Tournament finale.But you can also know where the path ends thanks to cobra kai, I wasn’t careful about exploring the journey leading up to it. Knowing that the older Daniel inherited and still respects Miyagi’s outlook on life and teaching, and that his family sees him as a member of the family, Miyagi takes care of the baby. Knowing Sam gave me comfort that I couldn’t find anywhere else…

My first viewing of the show gave me an unexpected insight.starts with cobra kaias an adult, it was very easy to sympathize with Johnny, who was washed up and kind of pathetic, trapped in the past and trying to get over it day by day. A scene is made for him to sweep off his feet, knowing that he has ruined the karate kid It’s much more tragic. Going into the film without that knowledge, Johnny seems like a seriously troubled bully. His few scenes in All Valley show the brilliance of the man he becomes: he’s not a bad guy, but he’s also misplaced for a war-broken man.

karate kid It’s ultimately a story to inspire, a story of the underdog. Cobra Kai, Not only show off cool karate moves, but build a powerful storytelling dynasty.

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