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Candidate to replace Herm Edwards at Arizona State University

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Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel, Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger discuss the dismissal of Herm Edwards at Arizona State University and his replacement candidates, including Auburn’s Bryan Harsin and Jackson State’s Deion Sanders .

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Dan Wetzel: 3 weeks later got another one. Paul went off to Herm Edwards at Arizona State University. He lost to Eastern Michigan Saturday 30-21. Somehow that was enough.

Pat Ford: It’s a pretty good capper. After other understated performances and off-field issues, it was pretty dominated at home by the MAC team.

Dan Wetzel: Yeah, 5 seasons, if you count this, 26-20, all sorts of issues, NCAA violation allegations, hiring during COVID. Herm Edwards is really good on TV, he’s had a stellar track record as his NFL coach and had some good seasons, especially with the Jets, but he’s never been overwhelming. I’ve never seen this work. Pat, what do you think?

Pat Ford: No, it wasn’t. Ray Anderson was an unconventional AD recruit and hired someone I think was one of Ray’s clients when he was an agent as an unconventional coach.

Ross Delanger: yes.

Pat Ford: And it was the employment of fellows. Herm Edwards’ record was worse than Todd Graham’s. And then he leaves the program under a cloud of massive research. Dan, you were talking about hiring philosophy. I think the recruiting philosophy was inappropriate, informal visits and paid under the table during the dying days of COVID. So what about the recruiting philosophy? Probably not very good.

And yeah, I mean, there was a ton of transfers after last season. They defeated Northern Arizona in the opening game. Then lost to Oklahoma State. And lost to Eastern Michigan. And this is probably another thing we should have done last December instead of waiting and getting into this year and screwing everything up.

Ross Delanger: Yeah, yeah, especially in surveys. I think a lot of people across the country thought it was the investigation of Harm going out that would ruin it in the offseason. At the time, there was a sense that Herm would retire before the end of the year or after the season. That’s all I heard.

Yeah, I mean, I’m sure we’re going to talk about this. But hey, it seems like a pretty good job. You’re in the Phoenix metropolitan area, right? It’s a big party school. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. The weather is great. Access to Southern California. So you’re in the terrible department. I mean, it seems like a great job, but maybe it’s just me.

Dan Wetzel: Yeah, I think everyone agrees that it’s like a sleeping giant. Other than the outrageous Urban Meyer decide what he wants to do – who should they get?

Ross Delanger: I mean, the place seems like a place that needs youth, energy, and so on. So that sounds like the program you want. There are many schools that do doubles in this cycle. Alternatively, both the AD and the coach can be sent out. I mean, we’ve already seen it in Auburn.

As you know, ADs are usually hired first, so you, as the president or new AD, can manage the hiring. So obviously it didn’t happen here.

Dan Wetzel: Then lost to East Michigan. And they escalate into scandals.

Pat Ford: I agree.

Dan Wetzel: I mean, look, one of the guys you alluded to, Auburn’s Brian Hershin, could obviously get fired. Everyone thinks he will be fired. He was good at Boise State University. And he successfully recruited Arizona. Mulligan and hey see, do you take him or does he have no momentum?

My favorite name to throw away is Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders in a city like Phoenix… I think Deion Sanders is very good everywhere. But I don’t know where he is. Certain schools with too many boosters and too many -you know the town is too small-

But you put him there – you know, he says he doesn’t want to leave the HBCU or Jackson State University or whatever. But if he wanted to, he could have brought about half a dozen starters with him on the transfer portal. , I think it will be a game changer for recruiting.

Pat Ford: yes.

Dan Wetzel: And you have to get something to move people. Oh yeah this is hot right now.