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Can the Packers be a candidate without elite WR play?

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Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and Senior Writer Frank Schwab discuss the Green Bay Packers’ 23-7 loss to the Minnesota Vikings and whether Aaron Rodgers can bring the Packers into contention without an elite wide receiver play discuss what.

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Charles Robinson: Minnesota Vikings—

Frank Schwab: yes.

Charles Robinson: — Beat the Green Bay Packers, 23-7. Obviously, everyone saw Christian Watson fall. The rookie dropped a touchdown wide open. It just makes you sick. And you could see by the look on Rogers’ face in that moment how unwell he was. Let’s be sober about all our reactions, especially if it’s not built around a quarterback like Dak Prescott.

Frank Schwab: That’s not right.

Charles Robinson: This is a back-to-back loss for the Packers. That’s a bad loss, right? I don’t know how I managed to watch that game and stay distracted, but Davante Adams wasn’t there. I think this is one of the times he wonders what the problem is. that is –

Frank Schwab: yes.

Charles Robinson: Losing that man is immeasurable and Rogers will feel it. And Justin Jefferson is ugly. But yeah, this is–you tell me. Is this a Saints opener? Is it just the opening game of the Saints again? It is possible.

Frank Schwab: yeah i thought about that.

Charles Robinson: It is possible.

Frank Schwab: I took the lead with it. I took the lead with it. And I said, hey, same result. Maybe the next 16 games will have the same result, earning the number one seed in the NFC. They don’t play starters in preseason. Matt LaFleur is clearly fine with the tradeoff of stinking for a few weeks since I won’t be playing a starter in preseason.

Charles Robinson: right.

Frank Schwab: And maybe so. But like you said, the difference here is Davante Adams. And it was impressive for me to sit there watching, the Packers on one screen and the Raiders on another. I know they lost, but he was great in that match. I mean, he really was. He made a great touchdown catch.

And we’re looking at the Packers who didn’t have Allen Lazard. I mean, look, he should be the number one recipient of the year.

Charles Robinson: fair.

Frank Schwab: He had his foot stepped on during practice and was unable to answer the bell with an ankle injury, whatever happened last week.

Charles Robinson: There is also the issue of offensive tackles, right?

Frank Schwab: Yes, the offensive line, they’re beaten up there. And Rogers got hit hard a few times, which is worrying for a 38-year-old man. As said Christian Watson, and even Sammy Watkins.The ghost of Sammy Watkins is alive and playing for the Packers. None of these guys can do anything.

And what’s funny, look at the Vikings – you just mentioned Justin Jefferson. Kirk Cousins ​​was better today. Packers, you’ve never invested in a big receiver and traded a receiver you had because he… I see. Anyway, he wanted out.

But you don’t have AJ Brown. You don’t have Justin Jefferson. These alphas he doesn’t have any receivers and that shows up on the offense. I think Aaron Rodgers is great, but he has no one to throw at. He might be Allen Lazard, but I don’t think Allen Lazard would be that kind of person. Maybe he is.

But so far, the difference between this year and last year was, last year, it was like, ‘OK, they just got slapped. But it was strange. This time, OK, I can understand what happened. Their offense doesn’t pop at all and that may change next week. But man, I don’t know. As you said, that’s kind of what we expected from this offense coming in, especially when Lazard was out, and it could really cause problems in the passing game. There is