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Book of Lists Newsmaker – Information Technology: Denis Petrov

Under Denis Petrov’s leadership, has firmly established itself in the New Orleans technology ecosystem while becoming an international developer of identity verification and information collection technologies.


When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an urgent need for contactless technologies, Petrov helped become a leading provider of technology resources to help businesses reopen safely.

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have relied on’s technologies to register people, take their temperature, log their visits, and automatically grant or deny access, all without human interaction.

“In the midst of what has been the worst public health and safety crisis of our time, has remained true to its mission to create a safer and smarter world,” said Petrov, CEO of the company.
Petrov co-founded the company in 2008 with Andrey Stanovnov, who now serves as chief technology officer.’s core technology allows organizations to scan an individual’s ID and collect information, then verify that information in seconds with a high degree of accuracy.

Originally from Russia, Petrov developed a love for the United States as a child, when he and his father listened to Voice of America and the BBC on the radio – even though it was illegal in the Soviet Union.

“Somehow we were able to bypass the government interference airwaves and listen through a fuzzy connection,” he said.

Petrov continued to listen to such programs even after his father died when he was 12 years old.
Petrov also had a passion for entrepreneurship. “Growing up in Russia, I used to buy novelty items and resell them in small towns where access was limited,” he said.

In 1993 Petrov began working for the Krieble Institute to promote democracy and a free market economy in the Soviet Union. It turned out that his boss, John Exnicios, was from New Orleans.

“When I told John I wanted to go to college in the United States, he recommended UNO to me. That’s how I landed in New Orleans,” he said. he declares.

It was in New Orleans that Petrov met Stanovnov, another Russian native, and discovered that they shared a common interest.

“We were both fascinated that American driver’s licenses had a magnetic stripe,” he said. “It got us thinking about the information on this tape and how it could be captured and used.”

In 2003, the duo started working on identity scanning and founded five years later. They started the company in their garage, moving through The Idea Village and Launch Pad before moving the company’s global headquarters to the UN Research and Technology Park. The company now has 6,000 customers, including IBM, Shell, AMC Theaters and Dave & Busters.

One of the biggest opportunities the company is exploring is the legalization of marijuana and how dispensaries can meet regulatory requirements, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

And with more and more remote business, Petrov sees identity assurance and verification becoming even more important.

“ will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our customers,” said Petrov.