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Best Lululemon Yoga Clothes, Mats, Bags & More for 2022

Comfortable and quality workout clothes can make or finish a good yoga practice.

When it comes to the yogi life, there’s nothing much worse than when your leggings start slipping off after only a few poses or having a sports bra that doesn’t support the stretches you’re doing.

If you are in the market for new shirts, shorts, leggings or yoga accessories, you can also pick up the best – lululemon.

In addition to a very important outfit, yoga accessories are just as important. Make sure you have a yoga mat that can protect your body, cubes to add a little challenge and some foam rollers to tone your muscles after your workout. Good news: lululemon sells these too, and we’ve got them listed below.

The sportswear retailer offers plenty of great clothing options for all types of yogis, whether you’re just starting out on your yoga journey or have been practicing for years. Ahead, find hand-picked options for both men and women, including accessories, for you to shop to find your zen in 2022.


1. Silk Modal Yoga Tank, $58


Slip into something silky smooth before doing yoga. Designed specifically for yoga, this tank is made with a silk-blend fabric that stays cool while your workout heats up. The top comes in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from 0 to 20.

2. Still tall, narrow 25 cents, $128

lululemon planting high rise textured 25

The new Instyle High Rise Socks are designed for yoga practice and provide soft support and a softness you can feel in every breath, stretch, and pose. They also come in fun colors for fall, like Green Foliage and Brier Rose for a pop of color.

3. High Rise Short Alignment 8 Cent, $64-$74

    lululemon Align™ High Rise Short 8

Want more ventilation? Consider the Align High-Rise biker shorts. It comes in over 12 colors and features a hidden waist pocket that fits a card or key, making it perfect for a yoga session and a quick coffee afterwards.

4. Energy Bra, $52

    lululemon energy bra

Cheyenne Telford, a certified yoga instructor in Hawaii, told the New York Post that the lululemon Energy bra is one of her favorites because of the support.

“This bra is great when I do yoga swings because it’s so supportive,” Telford said.

5. Align Bodysuit 8″, $128

woman wearing a yellow suit

Don’t worry about finding a matching set, the top and bottom can be in one set. Crafted from the lovable Align Nulu fabric, this lululemon bodysuit is ultra-soft and able to move with your body at any stretch.


1. In Mind Pant 30″, $118

lululemon in mind pant 30

Created specifically for male yogis, lululemon In Mind Pant for men feels cool to the touch and has mesh ventilation. Shop now and get the pants in four colors including black, brown and two shades of gray.

2. Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve 2.0 Shirt, $78

    lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

If you sweat a lot during your yoga sessions, this short sleeve t-shirt is the way to go. Thanks to “Silverescent™” technology, this shirt prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric.

3. Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless 2.0, $68

lululemon Metal Vent Vent Tech Sleeveless 2.0

For something a little less canvas, consider the muscular lululemon version of the shirt above. It covers less, but still protects against sweat and odor, allowing you to exercise without worry.

4. Pace Breaker Linerless Short 7″, $68

lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Short 7

If you do yoga in warm weather or in a hot studio, shorts are probably the way to go. The Pace Breaker Linerless Shorts are available in over ten colors and three different lengths: 5, 7 and 9 inches, so the style is up to you!

5. Long Sleeve Metallic Ventilation Shirt, $88

Lululemon Metal Vent Breathe Long Sleeve Shirt

On the flip side, if you do yoga in the winter or even outside in the cool morning weather, a quality long-sleeved shirt will go a long way. This device is designed to maintain air flow even during heavy sweating sessions and comes in a range of colours.


1. Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm, $138

5mm lululemon shape yoga mat

In the market for a new yoga mat? Consider lululemon’s Take Form 5mm option. It’s made from a sustainably sourced, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council™) certified natural rubber material to support the protection of the forest ecosystems and the people, plants and animals that live in them.

2. Yoga Block Lift and Lengthen, $24

lululemon lifting and lengthening yoga block

The brand’s yoga blocks are another cool find and identical to the aforementioned mat, they come in three fun marble designs and offer new ways to practice yoga.

3. Lululemon Adjustable Yoga Mat Bag, $68

woman with black yoga bag

Keep your rug in tip-top shape by carrying and storing it in this protective case. It comes in three different colors and has a sturdy crossbody strap to keep your hands free from the rest of your yoga material.

4. Double Roller Mini, $38

Small cylinder of double lululemon

Release post-sweating tension in your back, arms, and legs with this travel-sized two-in-one roller. They are only sold online, so it’s time to get these little spools now.

5. The Small Towel, $18

Lulu Lemon Towel (Small)

The lululemon mini towel is made of absorbent microfiber and is perfect for fans of hot yoga and other sweaty activities at the gym or studio. The towel comes in nine colors, so you can match it with your bag or have a few for the week.

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