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Best Gamera movies ranked

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In the history of movies, there is no doubt that Godzilla is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about giant monsters and monsters. However, he has one monster that is not well known outside of Japan. GameraThe kaiju has been around as long as Godzilla, and the two have been rivals at the box office for over half a century. Although Gamera has not released internationally like his rivals, his films have been hugely successful in Japan.

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The last movie he saw was a four-minute short in 2015, so it’s great to see him get a new feature film. If potential fans are interested in making this giant monster great, here are some of the best movies.

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Ten Gamera vs Virus (1968)

In this movie, Gamera faces off against a group of aliens. The group invades Earth and after saving two children, Masao and Jim, Gamera is captured by them. and the boys unknowingly release Vilas, a squid-like monster who is the leader of the aliens.

Overall, the movie is pretty good, but there are moments that seem a little silly.Viras isn’t the most intimidating villain in the entire series, but he’s still a pretty impressive villain.

9 Gamera vs. Bargon (1966)

the second movie of Gamera series and the first to pit him against another kaiju. Gamera returns to Earth after a meteorite collides with the rocket that was transported to Mars in the first film. A group of men, still considered a threat, go to an island in New Guinea to retrieve an opal that will help stop Gamera. However, it turned out that the “opal” was actually the egg of another giant monster Bargon. Gamera and Barugon fight multiple times throughout the film, with Gamera finally coming out on top with the help of humans.

The fights in the movie are a little simpler and less flashy, but they’re fun to watch.

8 Gamera vs Guiron (1969)

Various enemies appear in this movie. Two boys, Akio and Tom, spot a spaceship and take off without warning. It takes them to an alien planet where they are greeted by two alien women who tell them their planet is dying. . Gamera rushes to the planet to save them and fights Giron after the control the aliens had over him is broken.

Besides Giron, the film introduces a new subspecies of Gyaos, though it doesn’t exist for very long. There is a tone

7 Brave Gamera (2006)

Technically, this movie is the last movie of the Heisei period. Gamera It’s a movie, but it doesn’t follow the storyline of the previous trilogy. Thirty-three years later, a boy named Tooru finds an egg that hatches, and Gamera, without his knowledge, finds an egg that hatches. Tohru raises and cares for the new Gamera as a pet. However, a new enemy has emerged to threaten the world, forcing the new Gamera to step up and defend it just like his predecessor.

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This is the second reboot in the entire series and the last feature film. The movie is entertaining and has a pretty good storyline, but it lacks the magic that the Heisei trilogy had. There were mixed reviews among fans.

6 Giant Monster Gamera, commonly known as Invincible Gamera (1965)

the first movie of Gamera The only black and white model in the series. Much like Godzilla, Gamera begins as a villain against humanity and seems to destroy just about everything in his path. He saves the boy from falling to his death after destroying the lighthouse where the boy and his family live, showing that he has a soft spot.

There are no fights in this movie, it’s all about humanity trying to stop Gamera. is set to return for another film, showing him to be a little different than Godzilla.

Five Gamera vs. Jeger (1970)

another Gamera At the beginning of the film, Gamera actually gleefully attacks humans in an attempt to prevent them from removing a mysterious statue that makes loud noises. Once the statue is removed, Jiggar appears and fights Gamera, defeating him in her first battle, after which Jigger begins hunting her statue, as the sound from her statue hurts her. , is going to destroy it.

Jiger doesn’t look that tough, but she is one of Gamera’s formidable enemies. She defeats Gamera several times throughout the movie, only losing in the final battle. Gamera series.

Four Gamera vs Gyaos (1967)

The largest number of Gyaos ever appeared as Gamera’s nemesis, and this work will be the debut work. After a volcanic eruption at Mt. Fuji occurred, Gyaos awakened and began to terrorize Japan. While the humans are trying to figure out who is the greater threat, Gamera is the only one who can defeat them and fight them throughout the movie.

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The film sets Gyaos as Gamera’s archenemy, appearing consistently throughout the series. Nothing beats watching them fight and pass the time.

3 Gamera Guardians of the Universe (1995)

The first movie version of Heisei era for Gamera. The movie starts out pretty strong and quick without wasting too much time on the story. When Gyaos returns and begins to terrorize Japan again, Gamera awakens from a deep sleep to stop Gyaos. Gamera is seen as a greater threat, but he continues his mission to protect the Earth and its children by stopping them.He is one of the scientists studying him. even forms a spiritual bond with his daughter.

This movie is the beginning of this series Gamera A movie with a pretty strong beginning. The story itself is pretty simple, but sometimes you don’t need an elaborate story. All you need is simple, monsters, and this movie provides that.

2 Gamera Attack on Legion (1996)

One of the best masterpieces in the Heisei 2 part series. Gamera Legion Attack occurs one year after the events in Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. Gamera is gone, but the Japanese military remains vigilant to prevent Gamera from returning. will appear.

If the viewer doesn’t like bugs, especially spiders, this movie can be pretty scary to watch. It’s hard to watch if you’re suffering from. But if the viewer can get over it, a great kaiju movie awaits.

1 Gamera Iris Strikes Back (1999)

It is the third film of the Heisei era and is considered by some, if not most, fans to be the last film of it. Gamera Legion Attack and continue talking. Three years have passed since the events of the last movie, and Japan is recovering from it. Ayana raises Iris and plots revenge on Gamera.

The movie concludes the trilogy with a great storyline and great fight scenes for Gamera and has both Gamera And monster movie lovers yearn for monster movies.Definitely the best movie of all time Gamera series and fans want a reboot.

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