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Bears' David Montgomery highlights a quartet of smart flex decisions for Week 3.

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Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don offer running back and receiver pairing suggestions for Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season.

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Matt Harmon: It’s Week 3 of the NFL. Helping you make smart decisions, courtesy of NerdWallet. NerdWallet helps people make smart choices every day by providing side-by-side comparisons of leading financial products. And we know you can rely on us to make sensible player choices. So let’s dive into some flex decisions here. We’ll start with the running back option. Dalton, let’s get started, man.

Dalton Del Don: It may not be the most exciting option, but I’ll be at home with David Montgomery against the Texans. Montgomery was quietly his fourth in snap percentage and target percentage among all backs last week. Only Nick Chubb has seen more redzone carries.

This week, he was able to score Houston’s defense and regain its fifth-most fantasy points since the start of last season — 4.7 yards per carry this year. Despite bad weather ending the first week, Chicago were by far the team with the most runs in football. They’re actually a house favorite this week.

I was Kalil Herbert guy at the draft table, but Montgomery certainly looked great. He ranks in the top 10 in rushing yards, which exceeds expectations. He’s playing smart in this week’s favorable matchup.

Matt Harmon: Man, let’s just make this a dead zone running back special. Because I’m starting to think I underestimate a guy like Miles Sanders who got into the running back deadzone in the draft. rice field.

But so far, he’s actually been a pretty good choice.He plays really well, doesn’t he? Currently, he’s recording his 7th yardage in the NFL after contact per rushing attempt. I think he’s also got more opportunities than people realize: he’s had 35 touches in two games and is a top 10 running back.

And, more importantly, Dalton doesn’t use pass catching a lot, but he does get some good use around the goal line.Three goal line rushes so far. By the way, the best who’s got is Jamal Williams and Antonio Gibson, four. I mean, Miles Sanders has been sneaking very well on the offense in Philadelphia and looking great right now. So that’s what we’re looking for in a fantasy running back.

Dalton Del Don: yeah i like that a lot We got Drake London as our next wide receiver. Match in Seattle this week. Rookie was very impressive. And he basically missed every practice until the first week. Nevertheless, London manages to rank in the top five in target share among all recipients, not just rookies.Top ten in yards per route run.

So he’s facing the Saints and the Rams. He led the entire league in first-down goal percentage last week. So there’s some risk that Kyle Pitts will blow up one of these games, but it’s impossible to ignore the stats London presents right now. He gets defense and ranks 30th for passing, but ranks among the top 10 for running DVOA. You gotta love Drake this week.

Matt Harmon: Hey Drake London, stone cold baller. That man is very good The Drake London can’t separate haters and losers. Perhaps the next breakout if he’s looking for something like a rookie Drake he’s in London. Garrett Wilson was there too. I think Chris Olave could be next in line.

With Jameis Winston being banged up, he’s clearly a bit of a dangerous guy this week. He falls short as an almost pure starter in his 11-man package for the Saints, with Jarvis He replacing Landry in Week 2 when it comes to running the route. He ranks 7th in the NFL with his 45% air yard share, but actually he leads the NFL with 372 total air yards.

So the deep, high-equity goals Chris Olave has scored so far are absolutely unbelievable. And that was his entry into the NFL. He was a runner, like a well-prepared man, a great route. he’s seen so far But he’s also a guy who can burn down the field. I think there is.

Be sure to add these members to your roster for the third week. And if you need to make an economical choice, choose wisely with NerdWallet. The wisest decision for all financial decisions.