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Auburn University's Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center promotes more than hospitality

Auburn, Alabama., September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center is a building like no other. Auburn University.

Home to the University of Human Sciences School of Hospitality Management, the Tony and Ribbah Raine Culinary Science Center is the only facility of its kind in the world, offering hands-on training and classroom instruction in all areas of the hospitality management industry. offers. It is also the only building on the Auburn University campus that combines key academic and revenue-generating elements.

The 142,000-square-foot, six-story facility on the corner of East Sack Avenue and South College Street is the first campus building to combine key academic and revenue-generating elements.

The huge building demonstrates experiential learning by offering students traditional lectures and real-world experiences under one roof unlike anywhere else in the world. Two areas of note are The Laurel Hotel & Spa, an educational hotel and spa, and 1856, an educational restaurant. Proceeds from these and other areas go towards the cost of features such as Master Sommelier and Chef in Residence.

“My favorite catchphrase is auburn We are ‘all schools,'” he said. Susan Hubbard, Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences. “We have experienced success and made headlines in many ways. The Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center has it all under one roof for an advanced education and hospitality experience. “This new academic and commercial environment offers a level of engagement for students who already have. The hospitality industry is taking notice.”

“This center dramatically enhances students’ opportunities for critical thinking with hands-on courses. Mark Trainor, Associate Professor and Director of Culinary Sciences in the University’s Faculty of Hospitality Management. “Students are presented with real-world problems and challenges to solve every day.”

As of Alabama The Only Professionally Accredited Hospitality Program, auburn Hospitality management students take a series of courses designed to work for 1856 and Laurel.

hands-on learning

Martin O’nealThe principal of the Hospitality Management School describes the center as a “den of activity” given the variety of educational facilities and equipment, including culinary galleries where faculty and visiting chefs perform demonstrations for students and community members. . A culinary institute where students hone their skills before working at a grocery store.

In 1856 and The Laurel, students experience a variety of roles and progress experientially to the role of supervisor in grades 2 through 4.

In addition to traditional classes, O’Neill said the school works with many beverage-oriented organizations to offer a variety of student-, industry- and community-oriented courses and certifications in wine education and spirits. rice field.

auburn has successfully delivered a Diploma in Brewing Science and Operations for nearly a decade. With microbreweries at its core, faculty and graduate brewing students have the opportunity to hone their skills and extend their educational experience through hands-on practice. Recipes developed and produced at the brewery are sold to the public.

Student, community and private events are held in the center’s rooftop garden and street green space. Students in the Event Management track of the Hospitality Management degree help plan and execute these events.

additional expertise

A unique feature of the Rane Culinary Science Center is the utilization of the Chef-in-Residence program. The first chef-in-residence in 1856 was Chef tyler lineco-owner of Tasting TBL birmingham.

“No other school offers this kind of experience in a traditional learning environment, so getting this kind of exposure by working with the best cooks each year is unique,” ​​O’Neill said. .

Thomas Price Served as a master sommelier at a restaurant. Only 269 people in the world have won this title, of which 172 of them are chapters in the Americas.

“The level of knowledge that the Master Sommelier brings to the table is extraordinary and absolutely sets our students apart,” said Associate Professor David Martin.

The Human Sciences Department has partnered with Ithaca Hospitality Partners to provide students with exceptional engagement opportunities as Ithaca employees support university faculty throughout the center.

The student experiential learning process is enriched whenever guests stay at Laurel, dine at 1856, or attend an event on the rooftop. These actions will train future hospitality professionals.

“The Rane Culinary Science Center puts education first,” explains Martin. “From day one, the entire team has been focused on how this new facility will enhance student learning. We have provided our community with an unparalleled hospitality experience.”

(PRNewsfoto/Auburn University)

(PRNewsfoto/Auburn University)



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