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Attorney Jeffrey B. Simon Addresses Censorship Culture and Key Social Issues

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Dallas, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Do social media invite or hinder public debate? Is the public aware of how big companies are using them? Jeffrey B. Simonis a mass tort law professor, legal commentator, and podcaster who has worked for more than 30 years to advance public health and public accountability through the civil justice system, and more when it comes to public censorship. I’m working to find an answer for and public social issues.

In a recent article published by Jeffrey B. Simon Twitter canceled me for no reason.Why should you care? Simon alleges unexplained cancellations by Twitter, ads masquerading as news promoting and obscuring the platform provider’s primary commercial objectives, politically motivated news manipulation, account privilege and suspension issues, It details a strong customer service shield between users. , and topical legal issues, including those raised by January 6 Commission hearings, reproductive choices, U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gun control, Rep. (@RepMattGaetz) offensive tweets, and lawmakers marjorie taylor green (@RepMTG) use of Twitter to attack the Admiral, a senior official in the Biden administration Rachel Levinefor her identity.

“Twitter practices a double standard, allowing hate speech by public figures but not private dialogue by private citizens on a platform that is supposed to exist as a global public forum for open discourse. Apparently permanently censored for publication, Simon said the account suspension “appeal” process that Twitter describes in its Twitter User Agreement is actually Twitter’s self-proclaimed commitment to freedom of expression. is as fantastic and inconsistent as

Simon asks important questions and provides compelling answers. He campaigns to inform the public about misinformation and deceptive sales tactics deployed by several large US corporations that have caused widespread harm. Simon also launched his official podcast, Outside Counsel. This explains how he used his 30+ years of experience to help companies scrap consumer protection and regulatory laws that fueled the opioid epidemic. America’s History Are companies too big to go bankrupt too strong to be held accountable? We address these issues in the first 10 episodes currently available on our podcast platform.

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