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Any reason to worry about Tom Brady and Bucs?

A month ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked like the biggest rock of the eight favorites to win their respective divisions.

The Buccaneers are still the frontrunners to win the division title, but with the season about to begin, that doesn’t seem to be a certainty.

There are more warning signs around the Buccaneers than you would expect from a team at -250 to win in the NFC South. Tom Brady’s drama has been debated at length. “I was certainly surprised, and I’m at an age where I feel like I’m going to collapse soon.

Brady isn’t the only problem. The inside of the line has suffered heavy losses since last season, with Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen’s knee injury being the worst.Rob Gronkowski is gone. Chris Godwin was able to play on Sunday but is not 100% clear of a torn ACL late last season, Russell’s Gage missed a lot of time with a hamstring injury .

To paraphrase someone, Bucs has a lot going on.

The Bucks’ Week 1 opponents, the Dallas Cowboys, have an element of their own. They had a terrible offseason. Left tackle Tyrone Smith missed most, if not all, of the season with a foot injury. It’s a team that many are hesitant to join in the season. That’s why they’re a 2.5-point home underdog in Tampa Bay on Sunday night.

The Cowboys issue comes to mind, but we’ll cover that in week one. I might be a little too skeptical about the Buccaneers early this season, but until they look like the overwhelming favorites of the NFC South, I’m a little concerned. There were many home his underdogs in Week 1 and the Cowboys are one of my backers.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers start the season against the Cowboys for the second year in a row. (Photo by Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

Here are our picks for Week 1 opposite spreads, including odds from BetMGM: Let’s hope to replicate last season’s success:

Rams (+2.5) overtake Bills

We have a TNF game every Thursday, so we covered the Rams’ picks in detail in our Daily Sweat column, but I’ll summarize. The Rams don’t get enough respect.

Jets (+7) over Ravens

We had 10 home underdogs in week 1, which is amazing. Blindly choosing them all would probably work. Weird things can happen in the first week and by October it may not even make sense. I’m not saying the Jets will beat the Ravens. But Baltimore does have some injury issues and you’ll see some ugly house dogs cover.

Saints (-5.5) over Falcons

I want to bring my dog ​​home this week and the Falcons are the dogs that keep up. I think the Saints have a great defense this season, but I don’t know how Atlanta’s offense will fare.

Patriots over dolphins (+3.5)

Can you hear that drum sound? That’s the constant sound of negative talk about the Patriots. i added to it. Perhaps the Dolphins will have a great, dynamic offense. But it’s Bill Belichick plotting against Tua Tagovailoa and Dolphins rookie head coach Mike McDaniel in his first game. I made it look like I was there.

Panther than Brown (-1.5)

The Panthers could be sneaking better. In “You Pod To Win The Game” Charles Robinson chose the Panthers to win the NFC South. I disagree, but I understand the choice. They are another team with Christian McCaffrey on the field. Baker Mayfield isn’t as bad as some have been led to believe this offseason and is better than the Panthers. I don’t like too many results, but until Deshawn Watson comes back, this offense may not pick up too much.

Steelers (+6.5) from Bengals

Every Thursday in this space we pick all games against the spread. It’s fun. However, we do not recommend betting on every game. This is what i want to pass. It remains to be seen what the Steelers will do with Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback. I’m a little lukewarm after the Bengals finish the postseason.

Beat the Bears with the 49ers (-7)

This is probably the third side of all teasers. I still believe in Trey Lance. The 49ers’ defense has been the best in football since the beginning of November last season. The 49ers have a lot to like. In the meantime, I wonder how the Bears will perform on their offense against the elite defense, especially on their offensive line.

Lions over Eagles (+4)

One of the disappointing things about Sunday’s NCAA Tournament selection is that the two teams we can’t wait to bet on at March Madness will be pairing up against each other. This is the equivalent of Week 1 in the NFL. Like everyone else, I love the Lions this season. We also have the Eagles as our top bet on the Super Bowl. I’m about to land on the short runway of an Eagles win and a Lions cover.

Texans (+7) vs Colts

A home underdog that is easy to take. Houston could be much better than last season. The Colts aren’t the type of team to blow out a lot of teams. This should be a competitive game.

Jaguar over Commander (+2.5)

I really like the +3 Jaguar. I still like that bottom tick. I believe the Jaguars have made a great leap forward and will win this game straight out.

Cardinals (+6) outnumber Chiefs

I don’t like this pick. But the line keeps going up, and at some point, it’s worth it to the Cardinals.

Charger (-3.5) vs Raider

I want the charger to be -3. The lines might show up again before kickoff, but he doesn’t really care about making them 3.5. If the Chargers are to be the big risers this year, they should win this game and do it decisively.

Vikings (+1.5) vs Packers

Probably my favorite play of week 1. I think the Vikings’ new coach Kevin O’Connell will have an element of surprise in Week 1. He showed nothing in preseason. Perhaps that means the Vikings will take time to adjust to the season, but I think they’re ambushing the Packers who understand their offense in a post-Davante Adams world.

Giant (+5.5) vs. Giant

“I pick every game, so I only give picks,” the second game in the bucket. I don’t know how to rate the Giants when they start the Brian Daball era. I also don’t like the Titans, who had a lot of negative changes in the offseason.

Seahawks against Broncos (+6.5)

Go find out who’s giving the Seahawks a chance in this game. It will take some time. Seattle hasn’t been great this season, but it’s been ‘Monday Night Football’ at home and we often hear Russell Wilson want to do well against his former team, but vice versa. It applies. Geno Smith wasn’t too bad last season when he replaced an injured Wilson, and he has talent all around him. This line is getting too out of control for me. Take another ugly house dog.