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Alex Wolf explains why he can't care how many people see his movies

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Filmmaking is a tricky endeavor. On the one hand, the art itself is paramount, a craft that requires the utmost care and passion, as well as a great deal of time on the project by the creator. But on the other hand, filmmaking is a business, and if the film isn’t seen, there’s no break even. Adding to that predicament, there is now more competition in the industry than ever before. It’s great that the rise of streaming services and social media platforms has provided so much new content, but it’s also made it harder than ever to break through, even if you create it. increase. star shows and fact it is like that Kiersey ClemonsThe characters featured in her TIFF 2022 film are: Susie Searches.

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Susie is a gifted investigator who puts her skills to use by hosting a crime-solving podcast. But even though she’s so good at what she does, nobody listens to her show. Alex WolfJesse Wilcox, a character from Susie’s classmate, has amassed a sizable following online through his much mellower mediation videos that seem to require far less effort and attention to detail. .What can Susie do to change that? She’s doing her job and making quality products, so why aren’t people listening? Susie Searches But in my TIFF 2022 interview, I applied that concept to the Wolf and Clemsons filmography, sparking an interesting conversation about the need for my art to be seen.

When asked to name a movie that Wolfe is particularly proud of that didn’t get the ratings it deserved, he said:

“Like everybody. I don’t know. Who cares?” increase. who shit? It’s so hard to make good art or art that is meaningful to you, and I feel like sometimes people are like, ‘Oh my gosh, get out of the soap box’. We all want to do well’ but the truth is yeah , is much worse… good. It’s like the best food or something that not everyone likes and some people go to conventions because they’re into it. Truffle is literally a community of people killing and stealing pigs for this thing they hadn’t even tried before this movie. Became a man of ideas. I really don’t like the idea that an actor has any stake in how many people see it or whatever.What movies do you think are the best or most important [it], no one had seen Raging Bull or King of Comedy. Scorsese didn’t win Best Director until his 2004 movie The Departed. But my answer is the movie I directed, Cat and Moon. ”

When the question got her way, she began to explain.

“Kiersey is so inspiring in that way. In fact, Kiersey is someone who cares about art and doesn’t know what’s going to happen. And I actually think that’s your job.” This is why Collider is so great.You have to be like, “No, this is important. We need to put it out.” But it’s not our job to choose. This should have done this and this should have done that. And I don’t think it’s really possible. The moment you start thinking that way, you start making the wrong choices. ”

I take Wolfe’s understanding of the work we do here at Collider very seriously. In a world overflowing with new things to see, when I feel strongly about a movie or show, I’m bound to do whatever it takes to get that project to the widest possible audience. Susie Searches It contains.

Looking for more on Clemons and Wolff? Be sure to check out the full conversation about Susie Searches with the director Sophie Kagman In the video interview below: