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A woman asked about cultural appropriation before hip-hop goat yoga

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In a viral video posted on September 7, TikToker’s Ph.D., fairness and justice. Student Victoria Alexander (@victoriaalxndr) shares an example where she was asked to give a keynote presentation before a goat hip-hop yoga session led by a white woman.

“Do you want to learn about cultural appropriation and then move on to hip-hop, goat, yoga or do some cultural appropriation?” Its title said.

victoriaalxndr Want to learn about cultural appropriation and then go into hip hop, goat, yoga aka doing some cultural appropriation?? #DiversityandEquity #DEI #PublicSpeaker ♬ Original Audio – Victoria Alexander

Alexander explains that this is the exact reason why an entity should have the intent behind acts of diversity and equity. While she was on the call with the organization discussing a potential keyword related to cultural assignment, the creator says she asked what they had planned before and after her venue at the event.

“They say ‘right after you, it’s yoga and we’re really excited about it,'” Alexander says. This pause, I’ll tell you why.”

The organization excitedly told her they would be hosting “Hip-Hop Yoga” at the conference, and Alexander, before replying, asked who would lead the session. And the organization’s screen published a picture of a white woman carrying a goat on her back, and the creator was not amused.

Once she noticed her reaction, the organization asked if something was wrong.

“Yeah, two things are a bit wrong. First of all, yoga is a Hindu practice and hip-hop is a black cultural art form, so I’m not so loving that they get mixed up and then take instructions from a white American woman,” she says in the video. .

Once Alexander gave her her reasons, she said that it was clear from their expressions that the organization did not consider this a problem. She says they have already hired a yoga instructor, but have asked for Alexander to participate in the main presentation.

“Unfortunately my values ​​do not align with the goals and values ​​of this programme. Thank you very much for thinking of me,” she concludes. “With that, I hope you have a nice day.”

In the comments section, users shared their shock and disbelief.

“Wow…! Serious… Are they actually?!?! Are the lights on????? A user commented.

“We want you to teach us about cultural appropriation. Then we will do the exact opposite of your teachings,” said another.

A third user commented, “You’re better than me, I was going to participate but I’m giving the whole talk about hip-hop yoga and goats.”

Other users joked about the introduction to the yoga session.

“In the meantime, the goats are trying to figure out how I got drawn into this mess,” one user commented.

Another said, “I was really hoping they’d say the goats were teaching it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Alexander via a contact form on its website.

*First Published: September 16, 2022, 2:33 PM CST

Lauren Castro

Lauren Castro is a reporter based in Austin, Texas.