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A documentary scarier than most horror movies

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2015 documentary film nightmare By Rodney Usher, his sophomore feature after the iconic documentary Room 237 about Shining, was inspired by Usher’s own experience with sleep paralysis. He was interested in “those who have traveled farther down this road.” [he] I had,” and wanted to take a closer look at the problem of sleep paralysis.

The Sleep Foundation defines sleep paralysis as “a temporary loss of muscle control known as atonia that occurs shortly after falling asleep or waking up.”In addition to Atonia, people typically experience hallucinations during these episodes. nightmareUsher interviews actual sufferers of sleep paralysis and attempts to recreate their visions. It focuses only on hallucinations which it describes as mental events rather than psychological events. nightmare Scarier than most horror movies.

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Nightmare is a documentary that doubles as horror

in an uneasy way, nightmare Rather than commenting on sleep paralysis, it simply presents the evidence and suggests continuity between each experience. Rodney Asher and cinematographer Bridger Nelson not only is a documentary about a truly terrifying condition, but it combines elements of a terrifying film with real-life interviews.

However, the discussion takes place in each subject’s house under a veil of poor, dim lighting. Cameras monitor each subject from dark doorways and odd angles. Sometimes the interviewees themselves seem horrified.But you know nightmare Being built and filmed isn’t even the scariest part. It’s the complex, uncharted world of sleep paralysis, the truly disturbing way Usher recreates the sensations.

Subjects perceive hallucinations in scary movies

of interviewees nightmare We are deeply familiar with sleep paralysis. Their hallucinations were not a one-off, but a regular part of their lives and an expected part of their sleep. They loosely translate sleep paralysis as a battle between good and evil, a mental experience that terrifies and immobilizes them, and that In the process it reveals metaphysical truths about the universe (or the human brain). is. But one of the most disturbing things is that some of these people perceive nightmares in mainstream movies.

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some of them nightmare describe what you see nightmare on elm street and figured the filmmakers somehow pulled Freddy Krueger straight out of sleep paralysis. communion face from InsidiousThere are common features in the shadow-like appearance of each subject, such as wearing a hat and a heavy presence.This is probably one of the scariest nightmare — a terrifying, immobile reality created by the mind.

Nightmares can cause your sleep paralysis

during the production of nightmareIn a conversation with The Cinessential, Ascher explained that he and several crew members fell asleep while working on a project. He said he experienced an episode of paralysis. Usher admits he’s also heard “reports that he got infected after seeing the movie.”

These accounts aren’t easy to find online, but it’s clear why someone with a history of sleep paralysis is triggered by the film. nightmare‘s vision was eerily similar to hers. As a teenager, Kim had a recurring dream. [her] — in a story eerily similar to one of the film’s subjects, who said aliens tickle him in bed.

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Shiela O’Malley of Roger Ebert’s website perfectly summarizes Ascher’s conclusion that “many of these experiences sound the same”. More disturbing than many horror movies, there is an eerie continuity between the experiences of sleep-paralyzed subjects. Why are these visions so universal? Is there something lurking beneath the fabric of the visible reality?

Rodney Usher asks scary questions

nightmare It attempts to recreate the sensations of these experiences rather than explain them with scientific diagnoses. However, he is convinced that these experiences often “resist being put in a neat, easily explained box.” Like most great art, his films don’t offer easy answers. Also, like most great horror movies, nightmare That question scares us.

there is no doubt that nightmare Very unsettling due to its focus on the unpredictable behavior of real-life explanations and dreams.At times, the film can get a little corny in its reenactments, but the horror of all the subjects lingers long after you’ve finished watching the film. You might be looking over your shoulder every few minutes, you can stream Ascher Rodney’s nightmare On Amazon Prime Video and Tubi.