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A 12-hour Star Wars movie is coming – Rolling Stone

in the media Notes Andorthe latest Disney+ Star Wars Series, star Diego Luna says he was attracted to reprise his role rogue one “Because they said it would be a 12-episode series, just like the movies,” said Rebel spy Cassian Andor. “I feel like I’m making a very long movie,” he later said.

It’s a depressingly common sentiment on TV these days, and it suggests a thing or two.Somehow, over 20 years later The Sopranos raises the idea of ​​what television storytelling is like, and filmmakers are still somewhat perplexed by the idea of ​​working in television, and/or

They simply don’t understand the difference between the two mediums, nor do they understand that “very long movies” are rarely a good idea.

Not to be confused with the title character of this show.Unless you’re David Simon or have worked with David Simon extensively, you’re almost certainly setting yourself up to fail with this approach. It was not designed to be a movie of TV with individual episodes is a feature, not a bug. Episodes are meant to act as individual narrative units, whether you’re telling one big story or a series of smaller stories. A character has a specific purpose that is somewhat resolved within that unit, and their actions are best suited to build towards some sort of climax, even if that climax ultimately “continues.” is. There is an almost completely serialized way to do this (again, wire ). There are mostly standalone ways to do this (typical good cop/doctor/lawyer procedures).And there is a way to blend the two (this is breaking badWhen

among other things, cleverly done), so there are plenty of distinct and memorable episodes that serve as their own funny, even when they serve a large overarching plot. how to watch dance with The vast majority of people who say, “I think our season is a 10-hour movie,” tend to be screenwriters with zero television experience. Often times, they’ve taken an idea that didn’t sell as a feature film and simply stretched it out. I don’t think or care how tedious and repetitive his three-act structure of the film can be when stretched out over that amount of time. (Even famous feature films Lawrence of Arabia Also

The Godfather Part II But even some TV veterans can fall into this trap. For example, the showrunners of various Netflix Marvel series kept on their knees, unable or unwilling to pause the main his plot of the season. Just show a hero to be a hero for an hour. But if this is such a prevalent plague, you might wonder why I bully poor Diego Luna and his collaborators.First, 4 episodes

Andor What the critics were given for review is a particularly frustrating example of this approach, a format that constantly undercuts the interesting things the series does. You would think by now you understand the value of making a TV that actually works. mandalorian Both the existence of Disney+ and the beginning of this new phase. Star Wars franchise. Definitely a TV show.weekly mando

baby yoda Grogu goes to another planet to have another adventure that is largely resolved in that week’s installment. Even though the season has reached a more serialized climax, each individual chapter still has some sort of self-contained mission for its heroes.following this boba fett book which did some notable individual episodes, but more often blurred the lines about where one part of the story ends and another begins. was also problematic, especially after Mando was given everything fans once loved about Boba Fett, which had no reason to exist, but the structure didn’t help.)

obi wan kenobi It literally became a six-hour (almost nonsensical) hunk of plot because it was based on an idea for a movie that Lucasfilm couldn’t make for some reason. If


It’s not universally beloved by audiences, but it’s as close to anything coming in this fragmented era of pop culture. I should have taught the keepers of the nevertheless.come now Andor , rogue one A prequel created by the film’s co-writer, Tony Gilroy. Gilroy is screenwriter hell.But save for a few seasons of consulting producer credits

House of Cards on the Sand

(a show that often falls prey to pretending it’s just a long movie), Gilroy has no TV experience, which shows. . Three of them seem to stop at random points without even developing into an actual climax. Gilroy, director Toby Haynes, and the editor shrugged. turn on. “ The first two episodes are particularly lacking in any way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Disney+ kicks off the show with his first three episodes this week. It’s a shame, and not just because Luna’s Cassian Andor has an interesting place in the larger Star Wars. It’s the universe, but that’s why

Andor Get off to a promising start before things start dragging down rapidly. rogue one was the first

Star Wars

The film is only tangentially related to the Skywalker family. As Cassian leads a team of mismatched and emotionally scarred allies on a suicide mission to obtain the plans for the first Death star, this movie is much more than a Luke, Anakin, or Rey movie. has a darker tone to it, but still shows its talent. The adventure and casual worldbuilding that made the franchise so huge from the start.

Solah as Corporate Security Officer Cyril Khan. Lucasfilm Co., Ltd. AndorAt first it seems to push this further. 5 years before the event of rogue one Cassian is not yet part of Rebellion, a man with a tragic past trying to survive under the strict rule of the Empire.The show kicks off with a sequence thanks to more blade runnerthan

Star Wars , when Cassian visits a corporate-run mining planet red light district, walking cautiously through a rainy night, asking a brothel sex worker whereabouts of someone she once knew, and two other customers taking her disgusted with his appearance. (Someone would later say, “They obviously harassed black-faced humans.”)But when Cassian returns to Felix’s current home, another industrial planet, things start to drift. We meet other colorful characters: Cassian’s cute and anxious droid B2EMO attack of the clones ); his mechanic friend Bix (Adria Arjona). his adoptive mother Maarva (Fiona Shaw); Lusen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård), Bix’s mysterious trading partner; Cyril Khan (Kyle Soller) is a corporate security officer who

Star Wars The equivalent of a mall cop who desperately wants to be treated like the real deal.It’s an interesting side group.Solar is pretty great to see Cyril grappling with the vast chasm between his heroic fantasies and the ugly reality of the Empire. Luna is fine, but Cassian wasn’t one of the most popping characters in the movie. rogue oneHere he comes across as the quieter Han Solo, even though people like Ruten are trying to recruit him for more important issues like Rebel Alliance. Responsive and follows other people’s agendas. I know where this is going, but it doesn’t automatically become a catastrophic problem (

Better Call Saul ), Cassian in these early episodes doesn’t seem worthy of such a protracted origin story.favorite Star Trek: Picard , AndorIt’s almost like a case of family-friendly franchises that incorporate the superficial trappings of more adult storytelling. In addition to brothel, there are words that Hayden Christensen was never allowed to say. Previous.and like Picard ,


I quickly get stuck in the plot going on and not quite sure how to break down from one episode to the next.

On the left is Skarsgard as Ruten Rael and Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma. Lucasfilm Co., Ltd. It’s promising that the third episode will move things around and seem more focused overall. (It’s also the best use of Cassian’s flashbacks to her traumatic childhood.

rogue one

Role as Mon Mothma, the secret leader of the rebels, and new objectives, including heists. But even that meanders quite a bit, stopping again at completely random points. This ’12-hour movie’ chaos began as film studios nearly stopped producing the entire genre, especially the adult/grown-up genre without superpowers. As a result, those who want to tell those stories have to do it on television. Movies lack variety, but television is now overrun with shows that are too long, too slow, or too unstructured. And these shows are made by people who act like they want to do this on the big screen.We’re still mostly on Felix, but Gilroy and Haynes introduce an unnamed character whose job is essentially to ring the local bell. You can see him preparing with great vigor and joy for his mission. The Rancor Keeper cried, so it’s probably the franchise’s best use of such a minor character. Return of the Jedi even if it focuses on the same group over and over again, offers a sense that all people in this far-flung galaxy have their own inner lives and stories. As the man who marks the beginning and end of each day, he ironically represents such a structure.

Andor is very lacking. the first three episodes of

Andor will premiere on Disney+ on September 21, with additional episodes released weekly. I watched the first 4 out of 12 episodes.