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9 Best Movie Trilogies of the '90s

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The 1990s stands out as a decade in which cinema took many risks. The 90s was a transitional period in the introduction of CGI technology, producing some of the best movies that still survive today.from of Jurassic Park Beginning in 1993, enter the imaginative and fantastical world of the 1999 remake mummythe 90s made some incredibly beloved movies.

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In addition to iconic solo films and films that have grown into massive franchises, the ’90s gave the world some of the most iconic trilogies ever made into cinema. As a forerunner of modern cinema, the beloved film has long overshadowed some of today’s most popular films.

9 Toy Story is one of the most beloved animated series ever made.

In 1995, the world was introduced to Pixar, a new animation studio that was eventually acquired by Disney. Pixar’s approach to story and animation has brought a new 3D aesthetic to animated films. Pixar’s first movie, toy storywas so successful that a sequel was released in 1999.

nevertheless toy story 3 Although the series didn’t actually hit theaters until 2010, the series shone with ’90s nostalgia and brought grown adults to tears. toy story 4 Hitting theaters in 2019, but without Andy as the toy owner and with a whole new feel, many fans argue the series should have remained a trilogy.

8 Austin Powers made spy movies funny again

Creating a compelling and unique spy franchise in a world where James Bond exists is a big challenge. The spy genre had been saturated with Bond rip-offs for years. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery More refreshing. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Fucked Me (1999) and Gold Member Austin Powers (2002) completed the trilogy.

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Austin Powers had the advantage of not taking himself too seriously. By taking a comedic and stylized approach to the spy genre, they ruffled some feathers in their crude humor, but still created a trilogy that was very entertaining.James Bond As a love letter to the genre, it mimicked the genre’s powerhouses and shined in its own way.

7 The Mexican trilogy brought a modern flair to westerns

Robert Rodriguez mexican trilogy, sometimes called desperado trilogy or mariachi trilogy,

is an action trilogy that draws from spaghetti westerns. Then they effectively combine them into a dark, comic, gun-laden, loosely connected trilogy that focuses on the protagonist’s journey to avenge the death of a loved one.

Originally created for home release in Mexico, the original El Mariachi Shot for an incredible $7,000. However, after seeing the film, Columbia Pictures purchased it for distribution in the United States and continued into the 1995s. Desperado and in 2003 Once Upon A Time In MexicoAll three are examples of the best writing and performances that grace the Shoo-Em-Up subgenre.

6 The Three Colors Trilogy won countless awards

In 1993 and 1994 the world became a collaboration of France, Poland and Switzerland, TTricolor Trilogy: Blue, White, When redThis psychological drama series has made headlines, won awards at several European film festivals, and was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.

Based on the three colors of the French flag and released in the order the flag is raised, these films symbolize the political views represented by each color. Liberty, equality, fraternity. The series is thematically linked, but explores the lives of different characters, with each being highlighted by its own color.

Five Mighty Ducks has become a cult classic

There are a lot of sports movies, especially in the 90’s, Mighty Ducks Been a fan for years. While his recently rebooted Disney franchise received mixed reviews at first, this trilogy of his has paved the way for larger franchises, including bizarre animated TV shows and even his real-life hockey team. opened.

These films are now considered cult classics and are remembered for their encouraging messages about working together as a team even in difficult situations. Athletes still refer to the film series as inspiration from their childhood.

Four naked gun movies are hilarious

naked gun The Trilogy is a comedy trilogy based on the short-lived TV series Police squad! While its small-screen predecessor failed to find an audience, the 3 naked gun The film was a huge success, establishing Leslie Nielsen as an unparalleled deadpan comedian and following in the footsteps of Detective Frank Drebin.

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In the director’s first two films airplane!Director David Zucker said the franchise is dedicated to absurd light-speed comedies delivered dry by amazing comic talent. Action movies and parodies of police procedures have never really topped.

3 Scream turned the slasher subgenre on its head

1996, Wes Craven brought to the world scream, a meta-slasher film that incorporated all the tropes popularized by the slasher subgenre and made fun of them. At the same time, the film was still genuinely terrifying. The franchise currently has five films, with a sixth film in the works. scream, Scream 2 (1997), and scream 3 (2000) can be considered a trilogy in its own right.

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For many years the world believed that scream 3 It would be the end of the franchise. Now that the series has transitioned to legacy characters, Ghostface’s complicated history goes even deeper. Still, Craven’s innovative approach to slasher films stands alone as the peak of ’90s cinema.

2 Horror and action beautifully intertwined from dusk till dawn

From 1996 to 1999, from dusk till dawn It has released three films centered around Seth and Richie Gecko, brothers and violent professional criminals. This franchise stands out for its masterful blend of crime thriller, action, and horror. Halfway through the first film, it went from being about a criminal on the run to being a full-blown vampire survival movie.

Few movies have juxtaposed so many ideas and genres in one story, but this franchise worked to thrilling and hilarious effect. The original trilogy was so popular that in 2014 the TV show aired for several seasons.

1 Jurassic Park reigns in the 90’s

Steven Spielberg’s 1993 box office success, Jurassic Park, but still abnormal. Still visually impressive, Jurassic Park The trilogy is no marvel for its time. Although the reception of the second and third parts was not as positive as the original, the trilogy shines as true cinematic magic.

When Jurassic ParkIt was no surprise that the series eventually spawned a second movie trilogy, thanks to . Jurassic WorldOverall, these films serve as blueprints for how to create effective, realistic monster movies that feel as emotionally and visually authentic as they do horror.

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