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10 Other Pixar Movies That Should Be Part Of The Criterion Collection, According To Reddit

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Pixar has been in the news a lot in the past few weeks, not only because the studio made a ton of announcements with D23, but because it was revealed. Wally Get the Criterion release. This release is completely unprecedented and will make history as the first Disney film to get such a package.

Criterion is a distributor that restores old movies, and their releases are known for exclusive artwork, numerous bonus features, and top-quality audio and visuals.And Reddit thinks the Criterion shouldn’t stop there Wallythey call a few other Pixar movies worthy of the celebratory package.

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Ratatouille (2007)

I want to see logical noise Ratatouille Get the coveted release. Redditor says it WallyRatatouille It’s a more complete vision, in my opinion, so gorgeous and timeless.”

Ironically, All at once, anywhere Likely to be released before Criterion is released Ratatouille, because the new multiverse film makes direct and heavy references to the animated film throughout its 140-minute run time with Raccoonie. But in fairness, Ratatouille It would have been better if it was real everywhere everything Fans are the closest thing to such a thing.

Turning Red (2022)

1990 Buscemi wants to see turning red It’s a Criterion release, but it’s so new that it’s highly unlikely. but, turning red Due to the COVID-19 pandemic changing the release and making it available on Disney+, it didn’t get the theatrical release that every Pixar movie deserves.

Added a slap in the face to everyone involved with the film because it’s now available for free instead of a premium rate like . Mulan When Cruella. nevertheless turning red is a new movie and Criterion’s release is for older classics. A cinematic release in 2022 could give it the celebration it deserves.

Toy Story (1995)

of Wally Criterion’s announcement came as a surprise to many, as fans considered it the natural choice for a Pixar Criterion release. toy storyReddit user McLovin1826 makes a great point, explaining that “it was the first full-length computer-animated film and it changed the landscape of the animation industry.”

Wally It’s likely chosen over the 1995 film, because sci-fi animation is a masterclass in storytelling and closer to cinematic silent. Wally As an old property the studio can’t do anything about, this is the best way to monetize it in 2022. however, toy story Criterion’s release was inevitable given its place in cinematic history, and it would be such a newcomer’s mistake to ignore the 1995 film, an absolute cinematic achievement.

Coco (2017)

What this user thinks Here Criterion deserves a release, and even though it’s one of the most recent Pixar movies, it’s only five years old, so few other Pixar movies deserve it better.

Another reason is Wally It was chosen ahead of other Pixar films for Criterion release because it deals with serious issues.This sci-fi movie is about climate change and how humans have destroyed the planet by polluting it. Here It also has a great deal of depth as it tackles the death of a family member and the deceased being forgotten by loved ones. In that regard, along with a spectacular afterlife, the 2017 film fully deserves Criterion’s release.

Up (2009)

HM9719 believes it’s not the if case. Up The Redditor explained, “With that added, those film schools will definitely challenge the ‘Marriage’ montage.” The montage the user is referring to is his first 10 minutes of the movie, and his 10 minutes represent Carl and Ellie’s life together for about 50 years.

The montage ends with Ellie’s death, and it’s one of the most emotional moments in Pixar movies, and it says a lot. There is none. Up It managed to make the audience cry before the main character, Russell, was introduced. That alone is why the film deserves her Criterion release.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Jrutz thinks: toy story 2 It deserves a Criterion release more than its predecessor. However, the Redditor explained why, pointing to potential additional material rather than the film itself, explaining: toy story 2 A release that covers the crazy history of its sequels.” Users mention how the director was replaced during production, which would be a nice bonus feature.

toy story 2 is just as good as the original film, and the same can be said for any of the sequels in the series. toy story A totally unlikely series, as the boutique has released box sets in the past. toy story maybe next.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

KingMario05 combines two very different movies on their Criterion wishlist. A Redditor commented: Monsters Inc When heat Next. ” heat It also deserves a Criterion release, MI The release is appetizing.

Pixar movies have inspired a lot of fan speculation, the biggest of which is “Pixar Theory”, which cleverly ties all the movies together. Monsters Inc Considering it has inspired the most fan theories and included so many extras in the Criterion release. Monsters Inc A Criterion package can contain authors corresponding to the theory. Room 237 was Shining.

Inside Out (2015)

Bextercc believes: inside out Criterion Must receive treatment. The Redditor hasn’t explained exactly why, but given that the film hits audiences so emotionally and is arguably the best Pixar movie of the 2010s, it’s a good idea where they come from. It’s easy to understand.

release inside out A reference package for the next few years could be a great marketing strategy. inside out 2 Announced at D23. Both package sales and interest in sequels would increase if the release coincided with the marketing of the new film. In terms of public interest, this makes the most sense.

The Incredibles (2004)

They admit that many other options are great, but Prof-Ratigan wants Criterion released. Mr.The Incredibles“There are some excellent choices, but I keep coming back. Mr.The Incredibles most (and Wally However, Criterion and its customers are most likely to turn their noses at superhero movies getting the treatment.

The boutique shines a spotlight on films on a much smaller scale, introduces moviegoers to films they’ve probably never heard of, and spreads the word of great indie films that never got the platform they deserved. , selling 4K superhero movies that already had tens of millions of dollars in marketing budgets isn’t exactly Criterion’s mission statement, but with the exception of Mr.The Incredibles.


Whatudontlikefalafel lets you quickly choose which Pixar projects will be packaged into the Criterion release. The Redditor said he would like to see all the short films on one disc, saying, “I also think Pixar’s short film collection is great. Disney already released them on Blu-ray.” However, Criterion can also be published, ”he commented.

Shorts are already available in the highest possible quality, but extras can be filled with archival footage dating back to 1986, when Pixar was first founded. It’s worth it just to see how the elements are incorporated into a typical artisan package cover.

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