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10 best Marvel movies before the MCU

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for the past 14 years, Marvel Cinematic Universe It has grown to become a Hollywood juggernaut and the biggest franchise in film history. Producing more and more blockbuster movies each year and expanding its range of TV shows, the MCU shows no signs of slowing down.

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However, it is easy to forget marvel has been on our screens for a long time Robert Downey Jr. Wearing the Iron Man suit for the first time. In his decade or so before that, audiences still watched him one to three Marvel movies a year. Many of them may not hold up to modern sensibilities, but there are some genuine gems that are just as important today, and some deserve a re-evaluation.

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Fantastic Four (2005) – Turn off your brain and enjoy Goofy

fantastic fourhas had a long and troubled history with film adaptations, from the infamous 1994 version to the infamous version that never saw the light of day, to the much-desired and infamous 2015 version. did not saw the light of day. However, this version is actually pretty fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

Of course there are problems, but there are also many charms.Enjoy the main cast including Serum from before Super Soldier Chris Evanseven if many fantastic four Fans may take issue with how they were written.For years this was the best fantastic four Movies by default, but check back in two years to see if that’s still the case.

“Hulk” (2003) – ambitious and creative, even if it doesn’t work out

Often derided by critics and fans, Ann Leeof Hulk Kind of an epic failure, but in the best possible way.Yes, it can have pacing issues and can be stylistically jarring, but it does try to add depth to the story and craft a more personal journey Eric BanaBruce Banner.

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It’s unlike anything audiences have ever seen, especially compared to other superhero movies. LeeUnique, comic book-inspired visuals were tried to weave it into the narrative.

“Daredevil” (2003) – Why Do All Blind People Hate?

Daredevil has been a hot topic for the past few years. Charlie Coxself-titled performance of netflix series. Before that, Ben Affleck In the iconic red suit, he took on Kingpin and Bullseye and had a more divisive stint while sharing some awkward romantic moments Jennifer Garnerof Electra.

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However, the film has a lot to offer, including great visuals straight out of the comics. The cast is pretty impressive too. Michael Clarke Duncan Embodying a truly intimidating kingpin, Colin Farrell Had a great time humming like bullseye. Be sure to check out the Director’s Cut for the best possible experience.

The Punisher (2004) – an overlooked and underrated uncut gem

The Punisher should hold a record of any live-action portrayal of any character before it debuts in the MCU. The character has appeared in three of her films, but the most notable is her 2004 Meson.starring Thomas Jane In its title role, the film is an intense, gritty, action-packed revenge flick, but it’s also full of pathos. Jane It brings depth to the characters.

John Travolta It gives the best performance as villain Howard Saint and the two work well together. An elaborate, bloody homage to ’70s revenge movies, it challenged expectations of what a superhero movie could be like.

Blade II‘ (2002) – a worthy sequel to the film that started it all

no doubt blade (1998) ushered in a new era of superhero movies, especially for Marvel.directed by Guillermo del Toromovies watch Wesley Snipes Returning as a titular vampire-human hybrid, he was forced to team up with a group of vampires, the Bloodpack, to save both humans and vampires.

While it doesn’t have the reputation of the original, the sequel has everything you loved about its predecessor, with del Toro’s own style. A memorable and fun ride packed with action, horror and a touch of sillyness.

“X2: X-Men United” (2003) – the right way to make a sequel

alike blade2000s x men It was integral to the foundation of this wave of superhero movies. However, where the sequel to the previous work was a disappointing result, x-men 2 It matched its predecessor in every respect and even managed to improve it. The plot focuses on Colonel William his Stryker’s attempts to use Professor X’s powers to wipe out all mutants on Earth, and also sheds light on the history of the Colonel and Wolverine.

An action-packed yet thoughtful film, well-crafted and featuring excellent performances from the series mainstays. Hugh Jackman When Patrick StewartDespite the ensemble cast, the plot threads weave together to form a cohesive narrative that still holds up 20 years later.

“Blade” (1998) – Dawn of the First Marvel Empire

By the late ’90s, superhero movies were, to put it politely, in a bit of a rut. Christopher Reevesuperman movies and darkness Tim BurtonThe Batman franchise dissipated long ago, leaving audiences with: Batman & Robin When steel (both 1997). blade It changed all that with its blood and violence and its approach of taking the source material seriously.

Needless to say, this was the fourth Marvel film to be released theatrically and the first to be a real success. The Marvel movie boom of the early 2000s, and his subsequent formation of the MCU, relied heavily on this film.

spiderman‘ (2002) – still loved after 20 years

Are there any movies from the pre-MCU era that are more beloved than the original? spiderman movie? This is definitely the entry that put Marvel movies on the map. Tobey Maguire This is Spider-Man from Friendly Neighborhood.Of course, the real star of the show is Willem Dafoedevours the dual roles of Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin with such captivating intensity.

It’s not all bright colors and bad jokes, but the film can get dark and pretty gory, especially in the final fight scene. There is a reason.

x men‘ (2000) – Looking for a genre-defining film? Crossed out spots

sandwiched between blade When spidermanoriginal x men The film closes out the three films that paved the way for Marvel’s theatrical success in the early 2000s. This movie made the impossible possible, taking his one of Marvel’s most outlandish concepts and creating a film that stayed true to its characters yet managed to be grounded.

And it’s the characters that drive this story. Hugh Jackman When Anna Paquin At the core of the story, Patrick Stewart When Ian McKellen Brings weight and majesty to the enthusiastic Professor X and Magneto. For a movie about mutants, the humanity of the characters is well represented and that’s why it continues to this day.

spiderman 2‘ (2004) – Setting the Standard for Superhero Movies

many years, spiderman 2 To this day, it is considered one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. This is a perfect example of what a sequel should look like. Sam Raimi Pick up where you left off to delve even deeper into the psychology of Peter Parker. Peter’s relationship with Otto Octavius ​​provides a beautiful through line, Alfred Molina Boldly bring back a tortured scientist.

A very human and personal story wrapped in an epic action set. Nowhere is this better represented than in the iconic train sequence, where he is one of the greatest moments in a superhero movie.

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