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What to do if your Apple Watch is stolen

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If you lose your Apple Watch and think it might be stolen, this is what you should do to protect your data and give the wearable a chance to recover.

Temporarily losing track of a device can create a nightmare, fearing that someone has walked out with an expensive item that doesn’t belong to them. In public places, the chance of this happening increases, and the probability of recovering this element intact decreases.

This may not be the case in a situation where the thief takes the Apple Watch unattended. People are pulling out their Apple Watch as part of a face-to-face burglary, among other valuables.

Aside from knowing that you have become a victim of theft, the possibility of losing a piece of hardware like the Apple Watch and its stored data can be worrisome. Since he’s also likely to be able to make payments because you’re probably putting your card details in it, the situation can look as bad as losing your wallet.

However, there are several actions you can take if, unfortunately, you end up in this situation.

Find it with Find My

If your Apple Watch slips out of your sight, or you keep it in a bag that has seemingly disappeared, the first thing to try is moving your things. Your Apple Watch may not necessarily have been stolen, but it may have been misplaced or moved by someone else for safety.

The key here is using Find My, Apple’s system for tracking select Apple devices, as well as accessories like AirTag.

Know that this will only work if Find My was enabled on your Apple Watch before it was lost or stolen. You can’t turn on Find My for Apple Watch after an accident.

Using Find My requires that you either sign in to in a browser with your Apple ID and then select Find iPhone from the web page. You can also do this by opening the Find My app on your iPhone or other Apple products.

Find My will tell you the last reported location of your Apple products for you. If you have a lot of items to track, you can select All Devices and then Apple Watch in the browser to find them, or tap Devices and then Apple Watch from within the app.

If it’s nearby and not moving, your Apple Watch should be easy to find, as you can set it to Play Sound from Find My to help determine if it’s within your ear or someone else’s.

If your Apple Watch is far away or still moving, there are more actions you should take.

If you see your Apple Watch in motion, it is not recommended to chase after the thief. Although you may be able to get your possessions back, they are a potential safety risk.

In such cases, it is best for you to contact the police.

Set your Apple Watch as lost

With the Apple Watch confirmed as being away from you and unlikely to be returned in no time, the next step is to lock it by setting it as a lost device.

How to set Apple Watch to Lost Mode via a browser

  • Sign in to in a browser and select Find iPhone.
  • Choose All devices then Apple Watch.
  • Choose lost mode.
  • enter a Telephone number to display on the Apple Watch screen. Choose next one.
  • enter a message to be displayed on the screen. Choose he did.

How to put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode using Find My

  • to open find.
  • Faucet Hardwarethen Apple Watch.
  • Under Mark as missing, select activation.
  • Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Enabling Lost Mode will lock your Apple Watch with your existing passcode, suspend payment cards and other services on the device, and send you notifications when its location is updated.

Tell the police

Like other lost and stolen items, you should file a police report as soon as possible if your Apple Watch cannot be recovered immediately.

Doing so offers some basic benefits, such as allowing your Apple Watch to be recovered if it is handed over to the police. In cases where the tracker is trackable in Find My, the police may be able to use the facility to help get the Apple Watch back from the thief.

Filing the report will also provide you with a reference number, which you should keep on file in case you need to call the police again about the theft.

Submit an insurance claim

If there is no chance of getting your Apple Watch back, you should consider filing an insurance claim. While this may vary between countries, types of insurance, and insurance companies, in many cases, you can claim a replacement Apple Watch, even if you don’t have specific device insurance.

Although Apple doesn’t offer theft and loss coverage for the Apple Watch as it does for the iPhone, other types of insurance may already offer coverage.

This can include home insurance policies that contain items related to personal devices used in public places, some mobile phone insurance policies, and even travel insurance.

Let’s say you have a policy that covers your Apple Watch. In this case, you will need to be prepared with information about the Apple Watch itself, details about theft or loss, and relevant Apple Watch details such as the serial number, police report reference number.

It is also possible that you will have to pay a surplus for the replacement.

Delete Apple Watch

If it’s been a long time since your Apple Watch was lost or stolen, and there’s no sign that it’ll ever come back to you, it’s probably time to wipe your Apple Watch. Doing so further protects your data by deleting it from your Apple Watch, so there is no chance of any additional impact on your accounts.

You can use in a browser to set Lost Mode or to remotely erase your Apple Watch if the Find My app isn't available.

You can use in a browser to set Lost Mode or to remotely erase your Apple Watch if the Find My app isn’t available.

However, this will also delete any data stored on your Apple Watch that has not been backed up elsewhere. It may also affect any ongoing investigations into the disappearance or theft of the Apple Watch.

Once erased, you won’t be able to track your Apple Watch via Find My, so keep that in mind before deleting.

Wiping data can be done remotely, again via Find My.

How to erase your Apple Watch remotely

  • to open find On another Apple device, or sign in to in a browser and select Find iPhone.
  • in Find My, Tap Devices then Apple Watchand then Wipe this devicethen follow the on-screen instructions.
  • For, tap All devices then Apple Watchand then Erase Apple Watchand then erase.