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Pair of Pike's Midfielders Sign College Scholarships - The Troy Messenger

Pike Liberal Arts seniors Cam Baker and Robert Williams lined up next to each other in the Patriots defense, so it’s only fitting that the two signed college scholarships alongside each other as well.

On Monday, Baker signed with Bethany College in Kansas and Williams signed with Miles College in Montgomery. Football coach Pike and sporting director Rush Hickson spoke about their abilities on the field as well as their personality as well.

“Both players were part of the state championship here and it is very fitting that they signed on the same day because they led our team as top players,” said Hickson. “I can’t say enough about the personality of the two sitting here today.

“We talk about this all the time but it is true, they will play football for a long time but once they are done playing, they will be successful in life as well. These are the kind of people and the kind of men they grew up to be.”

Baker signed with Bethany College in Kansas. Pictured, from left, are De Becker, Cam Becker and Sherry Becker. (Photo by Josh Botwell)

Baker led Pike in tackles as a top player with a total of 137 tackles, 14 stop losses, five sacks, and five interceptions. The only thing that caught the eye more than his defensive numbers was his totals on the offensive side. In just 51 lunge attempts, Becker blasted for 773 yards and 13 touchdowns, which hit more than 15 yards per carry and averaged one touchdown every four trips. Baker was also a member of the AISA All-Star Team and ASWA Team Two as a Chief.

Cam had it every day,” Hickson said. “His coaches and teammates never had to worry about whether he would bring him every day. He is a very special athlete and a really special person.”

Bethany’s coaches have made him feel at home, Baker said, and while he will start out as a midfield player, he is open to playing wherever coaches need him.

“The coaches really wanted me and showed me a lot of interest,” he said. “So, I wanted to go out there and do my things. If (the coaches) wanted me to (play attack) I would do whatever they wanted me to do to win.”

Williams signed with Miles College in Montgomery. Pictured, from left, Shannon Williams, Robert Williams and Robert Williams Sr. (Photo by Josh Botwell)

Williams has 122 assists, 12 tackles to lose, nine sacks, one interception, two fouled recoveries, and six breakups as a top player. However, Williams started his career at Pike in a completely different position.

“Robert came here as a midfielder, but it took very little time for him to see that he was a truly exceptional player,” said Hickson. “Once he made that transformation he never looked back.

“He is very selfless in his actions to stay on the defensive side of the ball full time and he has bought into that move and he has bought into what our defense staff have said to him. It really speaks to who he is as a person and who he is as an athlete.”

Williams said playing college football was a dream for him.

“It felt like a dream came true,” Williams said of signing on for a scholarship to play Miles. “I always saw myself playing at the college level. I just have to thank God and thank my family.”

Miles College Players Coach Ronald McKinnon is a Wiregrass legend having been a star at Elba High School before becoming the number one player on every second-tier football team, then playing and starting in the NFL for more than a decade. Not only would McKinnon recruit Williams to play for Miles, but he would also be his coach.

“It was definitely an influence on my decision,” Williams said of McKinnon. “I’ve watched him a lot and built a good relationship and can’t wait to train with him too.”

Playing at Pike was an experience that Baker said he would never forget.

“It means a lot,” he said of playing with the Patriots. “It gave me my first championship, I had never seen anything like this before, and it gave me a wonderful family too.”

Williams agreed with his teammate to play for the Patriots.

“It was definitely a different experience,” Williams said. “I have seen things here differently. The coaches and players have taught me a lot of things here.”