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Competences of teacher education

Competences of teacher education

Competences of teacher education

The Conference of Ministers of Culture sees it as a central task to confirm the standard of a college education. a necessary part to safeguard and additional develop education in school represents the introduction of standards and their review
The represented goals of the faculties
1. academics square measure specialists in teaching and learning.
2. academics square measure aware that the academic task within the faculty is joined to teaching and college life.
3.. academics square measure perpetually developing their skills to require an account of latest developments and scientific findings in their skilled activities

The characteristics of the learner's success

The construction, integration, and process of data ought to be expedited, exercises and repetitions area unit vital to provide learning content.
Another quality feature is cooperative learning. this is often meant to strengthen the individual responsibility of the scholars and sensible reasoning and communication skills area unit schooled
Influences on college performance
School achievements represent a fancy structure of various conditions that act with one another in a very dynamic interaction:
1. The temperament of the student: this includes, as an example, accomplishment motivation, anxiety, self-image, ability self-concept, extraversion/introversion, interest, emotions, frustration tolerance, can management, etc.
Depending on the character of the interaction of current condition factors (personal issues or concerns) and former development conditions (e.g., education), this affects not solely the free world of the scholar however conjointly his performance scenario

Family and social setting

Milieu, Bidungsschicht, reasonably education, sort and extent of the promotion of the kid, accomplishment expectations of the fogeys ... .usw.
Other factors: motivation, interaction effects
Constant exchange with every other; therefore, faculty performance develops from associate interaction between lecturers and students, therefore it's essential however lecturers understand, assess, judge, and influence performance
School performance depends on intelligence or ability. The laziness of the scholars and also the role of the fogeys play an enormous role furthermore

Preliminary information and lessons

Teaching influences the extent {of information|of data|of information} however conjointly vice versa: the students' previous knowledge conjointly influences the teachings and may moderate the effectiveness of lessons (attitude-treatment-interaction)

Finally, this work conveys specifically AN interested body and a summary of the education system in the Federal Republic of Germany, their characteristics and conjointly the factors that have an excellent influence on the college management

All students ought to move to college and learn one thing there, typically a lot of times less. And once the scholar goes to highschool, he imagines a minimum of the tasks; giving them world information for his or her future profession and for them
The college may be a decisive biological process step within the lifetime of the individuals thus the Germans demand a lot of from their school

The school ought to form the full person, educate, educate and teach a way to lead a life.
The school ought to have a lot of that means than establishments
And all this was a general summary of the college because it is very important for the education of the scholar not solely as a candidate however as somebody's being; however like all academic systems within the world, the college system in Federal Republic of Germany has execs and cons, as a result of most of the issues {of college|of faculty|of college} accomplishment that the German school has comes not solely from the education system itself, however there area unit alternative factors that area unit chargeable for this development. The frameworks for teaching and learning area unit a vital context for the scholar papers and that they conjointly depend upon a large vary of various, individual, educational and extracurricular variables